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This page curates KETR's news stories related to Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Live blog: Lions vs. Javelinas at the Jerrydome


Welcome to the 2014 Lone Star Football Festival from AT&T Stadium in Arlington!

Final score   Lions 55, Javelinas 20. #wearelions

4q 1:24  Javs get a TD in garbage time...no big deal.

4q 7:04   By the way, Brock Callaway said that Martinez 43-yard field goal had another 10 yards in it. Nice to have a good kicker in the mix. Lions lead 55-13.

4q 8:19  Charlie and Brock are wondering when the last time the Lions had a three-game winning streak over the Javelinas. If you know, tweet to @ketrsports.

4q 10:41   Deric Davis out there getting some snaps and that's always a good thing.

4q 13:39  Some paltry offensive stats from the Javs: 204 net yards, averaging 3.3 yards per play.

4q 13:48   Brock Callaway: "Lions are really tightening the screws on defense."

3q 2:43   Funny moment right before the Rollison TD run. The Javelinas forced out Bergeron for a loss, and were apparently talking some trash. Bergeron's response? Pointing to the scoreboard. Yup. Lions have scored the last 35 points in this game.

3q 2:51   Tyrik Rollison puts his rushing shoes on with a 14-yard TD scamper. Lions 52, Javs 13.

3q 4:03   Might this be the last drive for the Lions' starters? Another TD would just about put things out of reach. Lions with 2nd and 9 at the K13.

3q 5:19   Rollison with a hard strike to Peasha for a 20-yard gain, hit him right on the numbers between two defenders.

3q 6:17   Kingsville running the ball well, and Lions seem content to let the Javs chew up clock time with rushing plays. Kingsville down to about the C35, trying to mount a comeback.

3q 8:45   Charlie and Brock talking about Blackwater Draw. Will be quite the contrast of venue next week as the Lions will make their last trip to Eastern New Mexico's venerable stadium on the lonely steppe between Portales and Clovis. New facility for the Greyhounds next season.

3q 8:45   Bergeron goes over 100 yards rushing with that 14-yard run. Almost looked like Kingsville didn't want to tackle him. Big Kittehs 45, Small Piggehs 13. 

3q 9:12   Javelinas having to punt from deep in their own end, so Lions will begin work at the K28.

3q 12:20   Jerryvision showing Kingsville QB Mitchell getting an earful from a coach after a keeper on fourth and short doesn't convert the first. Lions ball at the C42.

3q 13:00   As Hank Stram would say, the Javelinas are matriculating the ball down the field. Into Lions territory.

Halftime   Ivey says that the hunt to find a new LSC commissioner is gaining momentum. "I don't see how any school wouldn't want to be a part of (the Lone Star Conference)."

Halftime   Charlie Chitwood will be speaking with Lions AD Ryan Ivey in a few minutes so tune in!

Halftime   Lions 38, Javelinas 13.

Credit LSC
Halftime statistics. Lions lead 38-13.

2q 0:46 More insanity! Rollison to Ricky Collins for a 40-yard TD and Tyrik's first scoring pass of the day. Rollison now 10-14 for 127.

2q 4:03  Insanity! For the second time today, Lui tips a pass and then catches it out of mid-air! Lions lead 31-13! Absolutely nuts.

2q 5:19  Bergeron walks into the end zone and its 24-13, Lions. Feels good to be the ones getting the points off the turnover.

2q 5:53  That, folks, was an interception by Ronald Fields!

2q 8:18  Javs D forces its first three and out. Three consecutive Cooper rushes doesn't move the chains. Kingsville starts at the K6.

2q 9:54  Javs' QB Mitchell turns a busted play into a short TD run and it's 17-13, Lions. Strange game - Lions have dominated but two costly turnovers that gift-wrapped TDs for Kingsville have led to it being a four-point game.

2q 10:19  First and goal at the 5, Javs.

2q 12:48   Not good. Another Lions turnover - this one a fumble by Davis - gives Kingsville the ball back. But a Pulu sack backs up the Javs to midfield.

2q 13:08  Lions D forces a three and out and after the punt, Lions ball at the C35.

1q 0:11  Bergeron rumbles in for the easy TD and it's Lions 17, Javelinas 6.

1q 0:39   Wow! Tu'u Lui with the tip, then the INT off his own tip. First down lions in red zone!

1q 2:02  Javelinas having some success running to the right. Kingsville gets a first down. Next play, pass interference call on the defense gives Kingsville first down at the K43.

1q 3:14   Bergeron already with 14 touches for 90 yards rushing and receiving.

1q 3:43  Better than nothing. Martinez boots an easy FG after incomplete passes and a penalty frustrate the Lions after a Seth Smith reception set A&M-Commerce up with first and goal at the K6. Big Cats 10, Li'l Hoggies 6.

1q 3:53  Holding penalty nullifies Bergeron TD.

1q 5:01   Lions 2nd and 10 at K23. Knocking on the door.

1q 6:21   Lions get the ball back at the K46 after the defense forces a Javs punt.

1q 8:35   Wow! While Bergeron was on the sidelines taking a breather, sophomore RB Richard Cooper with a fantastic TD run! Martinez with the extra point and Lions lead, 7-6.

1q 9:49   That was Charles Woods with the blocked PAT.

1q 10:19   Blocked punt leads to a TD. But Lions block the PAT, so it's Javs 6, Lions 0. Charlie Chutwood describes the start toi this morning's game as "squirrely." Indeed.

1q 12:08  On 3rd and 7 at K 46, incomplete pass. Lions to punt. Punt blocked, Javs get red zone for their first possession.

1q 13:07   Lions showcasing Bergeron so far. First down at midfield.