The flagship Neiman Marcus storefront in downtown Dallas, TX.
George Hale

The mayor of the little town where Jesus was born is denouncing Neiman Marcus for misrepresenting the origin of Christmas gifts imported from Bethlehem.  


Daniel Starks / KETR

The Oscars may be awarded and done with, but Hollywood is still working towards this  year's awards. One of the first movies on this list is The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Listen as Alice Reese gives her review on The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Bethlehem.

Dark Streets Shine In Modern-Day Bethlehem

Dec 25, 2012
The Palestinian flag flutters in front of the Church of the Nativity in the biblical West Bank town of Bethlehem in 2012.

The town of Bethlehem is known to many from accounts in traditional Christmas songs, but what is the city like today? Mark Clark visited and found out.