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Investigators say a private search group located the 1980 Buick Skylark at Lake Tawakoni on Thursday, Feb 4.
Brittany Gryder

Investigators in northeast Texas are convinced that a vehicle recovered from Lake Tawakoni last week belonged to Carey Mae Parker, who went missing in 1991.

A sheriff’s office vehicle is parked next to a dog search unit truck during searches in Quinlan, TX.
George Hale

Sheriffs deputies and volunteers searched a former residence of missing woman Carey Mae Parker's ex-boyfriend, a law enforcement official said Thursday.

Hunt Co. Sheriff's Office vehicles park at a staging area for searches near Lake Tawakoni in January 2019.
Brittany Gryder

Dogs trained to detect human remains have resumed searches near the former home of a woman missing since 1991, a law enforcement official said Monday. 


A dog trained to detect human remains in the Waco Bay Estate development near Quinlan, TX.
Brittany Gryder

Authorities in northeast Texas launched a day-long search Saturday of properties once connected to a woman who vanished nearly three decades ago.

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Photos of six people missing from Hunt County are displayed at a candlelight vigil in Greenville, TX.
Psalm Harper

Missing people can't advocate for themselves. So, a new group in northeast Texas is aiming to become their voice.

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