Rains County Agrilife Extension

Sarah Latham, Rains County Agrilife Extension Agent, is presenting an online "Health Talk Express" programs with the extension agents in Rockwall and Fannin Counties.  Sarah's program is on cardiovascular disease, which is significantly higher in Rains County than elsewhere in the state.  We also discuss the trend of more people

Texas A&M Agrilife

Sarah Latham, Rains County Agrilife Extension Agent, discusses a Texas A&M Agrilife article describing how to perform home canning of fruits and vegetables, what at one time was a common activity.  Raising chickens for eggs is also covered in the article.

Texas A&M Agrilife

Carol Taylor, chairman of the Hunt County Historical Commission, says in the 19th and early 20th Century, rural Northeast Texas families were excited to be vistited by the "chicken peddler," who accepted their older chickens in return for various household products.  Farm women, in particular, were excited to see the chicken peddler because they rarely made the trip into town.