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Commerce Community Cares president Janis Stroope and Angela Roberts of the Commerce Food Pantry discuss how CCC provides funding for the Food Pantry.  Commerce Community Cares is in the midst of its 2018-19 fund raising drive.  Donations can be made at the Commerce Chamber of Commerce and via the CCC Facebook page.

First Presbyterian Church

Dick Latson of Commerce Community Cares and Isabel Davis of the Commerce Food Pantry comment on the annual fund raising campaign of Commerce Community Cares, which benefits 13 Commerce organizations, including the Food Pantry.  Isabel says the Commerce Food Pantry serves about 150 people per week.  She says the organization will now receive food supplies from the North Texas Food Bank, based in Dallas, for only the cost of delivery.

Dennis White of the Commerce Food Pantry says the organization has seen a sizable increase in requests for food assistance in the past year.  He says about 200 families per month are assisted.  The Food Pantry (housed at the First Presbyterian Church)  is one of the organizations that receives funding from the charity organization Commerce Community Cares.  Dennis says the Food Pantry has started offering cooking classes to its clients.  Dick Latson, a member of Commerce Community Cares, says the current fund raising drive will continue u

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COMMERCE - The Commerce Food Pantry had been running dangerously low on supplies. So the last few Sundays before worship volunteer Dennis White has stood before his fellow church members to remind them of the growing need to restock the shelves.