David Zvanut

Hunt County Public Art, David Zvanut

Derek Price with Hunt County Public Art says the organization will hold its annual "Hearts for the Arts" fund raiser at the Emerald Ballroom in downtown Greenville Saturday night (February 10).  They'll be raising money for two new projects.  The latest to be revealed is a fused-glass window depicting a bois d'arc tree in the Commerce Public Library.  The window will be crafted by artist David Zvanut, who also created the bois d'arc sculpture in th

Hunt County Public Art
Hunt County Public Art

Derek Price of Hunt County Public Art discusses the new abstract sculpture made of bois d'arc wood being created by artist David Zvanut in Commerce City Park.  The project is funded by Hunt County Public Art and follows the completion of a large, lighted mural at the corner of Washington and Johnson Streets in downtown Greenville.