George Hale

Each year, the Texas Associated Press Broadcasters host an assemblage of television and radio journalists, producers, and storytellers in Austin, Texas for an evening of showcasing some of the previous year's best news and sports content from around the state.

The Ohio State University's Frederick Luis Aldama, left, and KETR's Mark Haslett, right, during Aldama's visit to Commerce in 2016. KETR's Matt Meinke is in the background.
Sarah Northam

KETR news director Mark Haslett, Blacklands Cafe host John Mark Dempsey, reporter George Hale, operations manager Kevin Jefferies and producer B.J. Laudermilk are among the winners in the 2017 Texas Associated Press Broadcasters awards. KETR competes in Texas AP Broadcasters Radio Division II, which includes all stations outside of the four major metropolitan markets (Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio).