Hopkins County Texas

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Emily Glass, Sulphur Springs mayor pro-tem, says the city has received a $750,000 grant from the state for improvements to the city's sewage lines, necessary for a $50 million expansion at the Saputo dairy processing plant.  And Emily says plans are afoot for improvements at Heritage Park and Pacific Park in the city.

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Downtown Sulphur Springs has enjoyed a great revival in recent years, with many of its historic buildings being renovated and occupied by new businesses.  But Sulphur Springs Mayor John Sellers tells us now a new building is being constructed downtown on Main Street by businesswoman Billie Ruth Standbridge.  A sportsman's store will be located in the building, with living space on the upper floor.  The mayor says it will be complete by the late spring or early summer.  Also, Hunt County Agrilife Extension Agent Sarah Latham and Hunt Regional E