While national numbers for hate crime were up in 2016, numbers for Texas showed a slight drop.

Social media exploded late Saturday night with reports of 'loud explosions'  and 'gun shots' being heard across the region.

At about 11:20 Saturday night, a large "boom" was heard in Commerce and nearby areas. With a secondary explosion 30 minutes later. Social media was buzzing with many people wondering what was going on, with some fearing potential meteors or even earthquakes.

After receiving many calls, Commerce Fire and Police Departments were unable to locate any damage, or fires of any sort.

The cause? Tannerite.

Mary Clark (

A plane ticket and passport are not necessarily required to discover great vacation spots, as Mary found on a recent visit to McKinney.

McKinney children home safe after missing three days

May 21, 2012
McKinney Police Dept.

MEMPHIS - A father is arrested and amber alert cancelled after two children from McKinney were found in the man’s possession Sunday in Memphis.