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Bonham Mayor Roy Floyd discusses the start of the Lower Bois D'Arc Creek Reservoir project, which will extend for about 16 miles between Bonham and Honey Grove.  The lake is being built by the North Texas Municipal Water District and construction is expected to be complete in 4-5 years, with another couple of years needed for the lake to fill.  Another project, Lake Ralph Hall, is expected to begin within two years.  And the mayor says the new $30 million Bonham High School i

Albert Pardo and other Fannin County residents addressed the board of the North Texas Municipal Water District.
Scott Morgan

Several dozen Fannin County residents packed the North Texas Municipal Water District administration building's meeting room during Thursday's gathering of the board. It was their last public shot to persuade the board to change the name of North Texas Municipal Lake to Bois D'arc Lake. Or, Lake Bois D'arc. Anything, actually, as long as it has the name Bois D'Arc in it.

Bonham Mayor Roy Floyd says construction on the long-awaited Lower Bois D'Arc Creek Reservoir is expected to start around May 1.  The North Texas Municipal Water District based in Wylie is building the lake, but the mayor says Bonham will have a claim on its water if it can demonstrate the need.  Mayor Floyd says plans are in place to zone the residential and business development around the lake, the first time that's been don

It's all over but the building: The federal government has approved the proposed Lower Bois d'Arc Creek Reservoir.

For 15 years, supporters and opponents of the proposed Lower Bois d’Arc Creek Reservoir dueled over whether the roughly 16,000-acre lake would be built in northeastern Fannin County. Most observers felt that the North Texas Municipal Water District and other interests behind the reservoir would win.

Flooding Recedes, Cooper Lake Fills

Aug 17, 2017
The spillway at Cooper Lake is releasing 2,729 cubic feet of water per second.
Cindy Roller / Cooper Review

As the flash flooding from the weekend storms recedes, Cooper Lake is rewarded again with an abundance of water. It is currently 3.81 feet above full pool.

U.S. Rep. John Ratcliffe
Texas A&M University-Commerce

Donald Trump has tapped a controversial appointee to lead the transition for the Environmental Protection Agency. Myron Ebell, a skeptic of climate change and advocate for business interests, will lead the EPA transition and could become secretary. Trump had promised to weaken the agency if elected, and the appointment of Ebell is a sign that he is moving in that direction. 

A road sign marks Bois d'Arc Creek outside of Bonham.
George Hale

Fannin County has adopted a comprehensive plan for zoning the land around a 16,500-acre reservoir east of Bohnam. Meanwhile in Washington, the US House of Representatives has moved construction of the Lower Bois d'Arc Creek Reservoir one step closer to construction.  

Haystacks dot the landscape in rural Fannin County, TX, on Sept. 7, 2016. Hundreds of acres of farmland will be flooded within the next few years if a state-approved plan to create a reservoir goes forward.
George Hale

The U.S. House of Representatives has moved the creation of a delayed Fannin County reservoir one step closer construction.

According to "mitigation" requirements, all bottomland hardwood forest and wetlands destroyed by a new lake must be offset with similar lands elsewhere being protected from development.
George Hale

Next month, Fannin County is set to approve a comprehensive plan for developing thousands of acres of expensive lakefront property. One problem: There’s no lake. But that’s not stopping it from pushing ahead anyway. Officials say the Lower Bois d’Arc Creek reservoir will be open for business by the time the government gets around to approving it. And that’s putting a spotlight on the high-stakes struggle for control of water resources throughout northeast Texas.

NTMWD Will Raise Water Rates Again

Sep 16, 2016
The North Texas Municipal Water District serves suburban and rural areas north and east of Dallas.

Northeast Texas water customers can expect a rate hike next year. The North Texas Municipal Water District’s (NTMWD) 2017 budget raises rates across its 10-county area by 24 cents, to $2.53 per 1,000 gallons.

George Hale

In Fannin County, construction of what would be the newest lake in Texas is a year behind schedule. Supporters of the Lower Bois d’Arc Creek Reservoir say that delay is bad news for the communities north of Dallas that would get water from the lake. But for some North Texas families, it's borrowed time to save their farms and livelihoods from the coming floods. KETR’s George Hale reports.

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Lake Fork, which sits about 90 miles east of Dallas, will play an increasing role in meeting the water needs of the city and its thirsty, rapidly growing suburbs.

A report in the Nov. 19 Rains County Leader details the short-term and long-term plans to use Lake Fork water in the metro Dallas area, which were discussed at a meeting Of the lake Fork Sportsman Association on Nov. 12 in Emory.

20K acre-feet withdrawal pending pump completion

Come June, NTMWD customers can water twice weekly

May 25, 2012
Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.

DALLAS - Spring rains that have filled Lakes Lavon, Jim Chapman, Tawakoni and Bonham within the North Texas Municipal Water District result in eased restrictions.

Improved water levels lead to fewer restrictions

Apr 2, 2012
Map of the NTMWD service area.

Customers of the North Texas Municipal Water District can now water their lawns once every week, as opposed to waiting every other week.

Relaxed water restrictions possible for customers

Mar 28, 2012
Map of the NTMWD service area.

Stage 3 enhanced of the North Texas Municipal Water District’s conservation and drought contingency plan remains in effect.

More water conservation measures taken locally

Oct 25, 2011

FRANKLIN COUNTY - The Franklin County Water District has enacted a drought contingency plan because Lake Cypress Springs has dropped to 81 percent normal capacity.