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Frances Dalbey, outreach specialist with Hunt Regional Healthcare, discusses ways of keeping senior citizens connected to friends and family despsite coronavirus restrictions.  There is no one-size-fits all solution, so choose things that suit you and senior citizens who are close to you and commit to them.

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Emily Glass, co-owner of the Venue at two-nineteen in downtown Sulphur Springs and former mayor of the city, says the Sulphur Springs school board has decided to delay the start of the school year until Tuesday, September 1 because of the coronavirus threat.  Emily also says the Sulphur Springs Senior Center is in need of new volunteers to keep the "Meal a Day" program going.

Texas A&M Agrilife

Sarah Latham, Hunt County Agrilife Extension agent, says Agrilife will offer a weekly Chronic Disease Self-Management program starting at 10 a.m.

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Jeremy Gamez, our personal technology commentator, reflects on a Houston Chronicle story that seniors are becoming more comfortable with digital technology, such as that contained in smart phones.  Jeremy, the business technical analyst for the Texas A&M-Commerce provost's office, says there are many opportunities for seniors to learn about technology, including a website,

Hunt Regional Healthcare
Hunt Regional Healthcare

The director of the Hunt Regional Emergency Centers in Commerce and Quinlan, Kim Saenz, says it is common for senior citizens taking medications to make mistakes, causing a visit to the emergency room.  Kim says the average senior citizen in taking 17 medications, making the task of taking them all correctly challenging.  But she says the use of blister packs labeled by the day, and other packaging improvements, have cut down on the number of medication-taking errors.

David Caldwell with Senior Center Resources and Public Transportation of Hunt County says his organization delivers between 500-600 meals a day to the homes of senior citizens, about 116,000 in all last year.  The organization is funded in part by the Hunt County United Way.