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Sarah Latham, Rains County Agrilife Extension Agent, reflects on a study that says most children do not get enough sleep, leading to problems with being overweight and trouble in school.

Velvete Womack, our wellness commentator, discusses the importance of dreaming to our well-being, and ways to sleep better, "perchance to dream."  Velvete is the owner of Balanced Newtrition in Rockwall, a

Our wellness commentator Velvete Womack considers the benefits of sleep.  While experts recommend that most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per day,  Velvete says those hours do not necessarily need to be in one continuous stretch.  And she offers some surprising sleep aids, including plunging your feet in ice water.

Velvete Womack, owner of the Fire and Ice Spa in Commerce, reflects on a recent article, "10 Things to Hate About Sleep Loss" (as if there aren't already enough things to hate about losing sleep).  Velvete recommends that you drink eight ounces of water before going to bed (which she says will not cause you to go to the bathroom more than normal) and disconnecting from all media for an hour or so before sleep.