County Receives Glowing Audit

Feb 4, 2016

In the audit report presented by the Conway Company CPAs, P.C., Delta County Treasurer Bonnie Hobbs was praised for her work in completing the fiscal year 2013-2014 audit, bringing the County into current status for the first time since 2008.

Delta County was recently given a good audit by Conway Company CPAs PC.
Credit Cindy Roller / Cooper Review

Treasurer Hobbs took office in 2011 and has been working to reach this milestone. During last Monday’s Commissioner Court Michael Conway congratulated Hobbs on this accomplishment.

The Court accepted the audit into the minutes with no further discussion or comments.

Treasurer Hobbs also presented an Implementation of Investment and Credit Card policies. The Implementation of Investment was brought forth by recommendation of the audit to protect the County.

The purpose of the Statement of Investment Policy is “identify various policies and procedures that enhance opportunities for a prudent and systematic investment process. …It is intended that this policy cover all financial assets under direct authority of the Delta County Commissioners Court.” The five page document expands on this policy.

The Credit Card Policy is intended for use by elected officials and stated (in brief) “a credit card may be used by an employee provided permission is granted by the card holder and only for specific needs of the department which have been approved by Commissioners Court or when the item is provided for in a budget and is a line item, i.e., courthouse replacement parts for toilets, doors, lights, etc. or civic center supplies. To use a credit card for a purchase, the card holder must have the item in his/her budget and there must be funds available to use within that line item…Each credit card will be considered Delta County property and shall be used with sound judgment and in the best interest of Delta County.” The policy directly reviews the responsibility, current listing of credit cards, terms of usage, unauthorized use and disciplinary action in simple plain format. In signing the policy it is understood that the Delta County Treasurer may cancel or rescind privileges to any County credit card at any time and for any reason.

The Court opted to wait until the next meeting (set for Monday, Feb. 8) before concluding any action on these items.

Michael Glas with Cooper Community Health Center spoke to the Court about a collaboration opportunity to provide health services to Delta County employees. He presented his proposal which included the background history of the clinic and the organization-wide mission “to improve the health and lives of those we serve with a commitment to patient-centered excellence in all that we do.” CHSA opened the Cooper Community Health Center in 2008 through a New Access Point Grant awarded during President George W. Bush’s Administration.

The proposal went on to state, “CHSA values collaboration opportunities with all entities, especially its local governments where relationships are vital.”

No action was taken on the part of the Court.

Dr. Darrel Pierce, MD, PLLC, presented a service agreement for Delta County. Dr. Pierce is new to Cooper and will be operating a few days a week out of an office located in the Delta County Chamber of Commerce building. He offered a membership discount to County employees. No action was taken by the Court.

Delta County Judge Jason Murray spoke on the possibility of participating in the Fiscal Year 2016 Solid Waste Pass-Through Grant funded by the Ark-Tex Council of Governments, which is for $3,000. These grant funds could help provide each County barn with a dumpster for cleanup more than once a year.

Thomas Irvin approached the Court with the desire to possibly closing County Road 2030. Irvin stated he was the landowner on both sides of the road and that the road is approximately a fourth of a mile long.

“People are coming down the road to dump trash and such in the ditch and on my property,” said Irvin to the Commissioners and Judge Jason Murray. The Court opted to wait before proceeding to speak with any landowners before making a decision.

It was announced that John Quincy from Texas Association of Counties will be examining all County buildings including the jail and precinct barns for appraisal.

Delta County Sheriff Ricky Smith had nothing to report. The Court approved the prior meeting minutes from Dec. 28, 2015 and Jan. 11, 2016. Bills were paid, and Court was adjourned.