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Outdoors with Luke Clayton
Saturday Morning at 5am

Luke was raised in very rural Red River County where he grew up hunting and fishing. He began amateurishly writing about his adventures at the age of 12, the accounts of his boyhood outings often filling several pages of his Big Chief tablets.  Luke began writing professionally while in his twenties and currently writes an outdoor newspaper column that runs weekly in 45 Texas newspapers. Luke is hunting/shooting columnist for Texas Wildlife Magazine and writes regular features for several other outdoor magazines including Airgun Hobbyist where he is Hunting Editor. Luke and his good buddy Jeff Rice film and produce a weekly outdoor show,  A Sportsman’s Life. Please go to YouTube and subscribe. Radio is a fun endeavor for Luke and his shows are known for his relaxed and ‘down home’ style.

Luke is on the pro staff of Smokin Tex Electric Smokers, Gearhead Archery, AGM Global Vision Thermals and Catch and Release Apparel.  

Luke covered hunting for the current Texas Almanac, one of the oldest and most revered publications in the state. With almost 30 years under his belt as an outdoors writer, Luke has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. He continues to love the lifestyle that has been so fulfilling throughout his life.

To best keep up with Luke's outdoor activities, visit his web site www.catfishradio.org.  

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  • Luke solos this week and discusses what's going on in Northeast Texas. He talks about his quest for a 'management' buck on his friends Edgar and David Cotton's Ranch in Kaufman County and tells about a fun outdoor event coming up at Lake Fork on February 10th.
  • This week, Luke runs solo and talks about how he smokes large pieces of game or domestic meat without staying up all night adding wood to a wood fired smoker. A quality electric smoker is the trick and Luke has been using one for many years. Click to listen to some tips that will save you some sleep when it comes time to make bbq!
  • This week, Luke visits with Brenton Kernes with Newalla Fish Company (www.newallafishcompany.com) Brenton specializes in producing and stocking hybrid stripers in private waters. Click to learn why you as a pond or small lake owner might wish to stock these hard fighting "hybrids". For more information, visit the website or call Brenton at (580) 919-5110.
  • This week, Luke visits with Doug Hawthorne (www.dougsjugs.com). The discussion is jug line fishing and Doug gives some insights into how to put some great tasting catfish fillets in the freezer.
  • IT'S DEER SEASON! Luke has been hunting deer in northeast Texas since the age of 11,way back in 1961 and he's still out there after them! This week, Luke's good friend Larry Weishuhn (aka "Mr. Whitetail") joins in the fun and these two long time Texas deer hunters talk about how it was when they were boys and also how it is now, relating a couple of current deer hunts they enjoyed together.
  • Starting a campfire for warmth or cooking is an essential skill for any outdoors person. Luke guest today is KJ Thompson with Blackbeard Fire Starters (www.blackbeardfire.com). Mr. Thompson discusses a system he and his company has devised to start a campfire under any conditions. If you spend much time in the outdoors, the information shared in this week's show will prove very helpful.
  • This week Luke visits with Jasveer Sandhuh, a mechanical engineer that has invented some very useful products for the hunter. His website is www.browtineinnovations.com
  • Luke's guest this week is Caleb Flies. Caleb builds, shoots and hunts with primitive bows and makes everything from the broadheads to the bow by hand. In today's show he gives a bit of information on these 'self bows' and discusses how he builds them. The big news is this giant bear that Caleb harvested using the equipment he made himself. Check out his website www.ravenclawarchery.com or "like" him on Facebook.
  • Larry Weishuhn aka "Mr. Whitetail" joins Luke and tells all about a new hunting/fishing destination in Belize. Larry recently spent a week there with Randy Douglas, the manager. and Jeff Rice who filmed for their TV show "A sportsmans Life" on Carbon TV and YouTube. Click to learn all about an awesome destination just a little over two hours from Houston by airline.
  • This week, Luke goes "Guestless" and visits with everyone solo about the new book he and Larry Weishuhn wrote "Campfire Talk". He discusses a brand new hunting/fishing operation being established in Belize and says hello to his buddies (via online streaming) Randy Douglas, Jeff Rice and Larry Weishuhn who are in the jungle there now filming a segment of their TV show "A Sportsman's Life" on Carbon Tv and archived on YouTube each week