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Tobacco sting finds nine stores in violation

By Scott Harvey

Greenville – A recent tobacco sting by the Greenville Police Department finds nine stores in violation of selling to minors.

Last week, Officers with the Greenville Police Department Operations Division and the Investigations Division conducted the sting by having a 16-year old to go into local stores that sell tobacco and attempt to purchase tobacco. The 16-year old was able to purchase tobacco at nine of the 33 local stores that sell tobacco products.

Last year, 22 stores sold to a different 16-year old attempting to buy tobacco, indicating a 42% decrease in offenses. Of the 33 stores, all but one asked for the juvenile's identification card. Some of the stores reportedly still sold to the minor after seeing the valid Texas ID showing that the juvenile was underage.

Selling tobacco to a minor is a Class C Misdemeanor and is punishable by a fine of up to $500 plus court costs. The store selling tobacco to a minor can also be fined by the Texas State Comptrollers Office and/or have their permit revoked for repeated sales to a minor.

Stores that sold to the minor were:

Prime Stop # 3 - 900 Wolfe City Dr.
K Food Mart - 4101 O'Neal St.
Nat 24 # 2 - 715 Joe Ramsey Blvd.
Kwik Chek - 5004 Wesley St.
Prime Stop - 4414 Wesley St.
Valero Corner Store # 4508 - 4801 Moulton St.
Super Plaza - 2601 King St.
Tiger Mart # 59 - 5101 E. IH 30
Max a Mart # 2 - 1219 IH 30