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Think before you post

As social media becomes more integrated into our lives, it is becoming more obvious that job seekers should be careful what they post online.

It may come as no surprise that the effects of social media is now stretching far beyond the simple boundaries of individual's home lives, but also into the corporate world of business. College students of today have to focus on building a well polished online presence in order to make the best mark they can on the work force once they graduate.

Joshua Waldman is the author of the “for dummies” book Seven Mistakes Job Seekers Make Online, which focuses on the reality that we live in a very technological time, and employers are taking advantage of all the social media platforms.

"Statistics are showing that 95%, or more, of hiring managers and recruiters are using social media to find new talent," said Waldman. "So, whether or not they use it to discover you, even after you apply to a job they are going to check you out on Google, they’re going to see if you’re doing funny things on Facebook. You are going to be searched, and we need to start managing that, rather than letting that manage us."

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