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Cook Wins American Legion Scholarship

American Legion Red Henderson Post 483 recently announced the winner of their annual scholarship as Katelyn Cook. Post Vice Commander Butch Burns (left) read aloud her essay at the meeting last Tuesday while Post Commander Gary Thompson (right) presented
Cindy Roller
Cooper Review

Cooper High School senior Katelyn Cook was awarded the American Legion Red Henderson Post 483 scholarship with her entry of the essay titled “Veterans’ and America’s Future.” She is the daughter of Keith Cook and Christine Costilla Cook. 

She participates in UIL academic event of Ready Writing and is Gifted and Talented. She is a multi-sport athlete competing in varsity cross country and tennis. Cook is also an active member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. After graduating from Cooper High School she plans on attending Texas A&M University at College Station to pursue a degree in Nursing.

“All of the essays were great,” said Post Vice Commander Butch Burns, thankful he didn’t have to pick the winner. The decision was difficult for the panel of judges.

Post Commander Gary Thompson presented Katelyn Cook her award with the money being given on proof of college enrollment.

Burns read her essay aloud to the other members at Tuesday night’s meeting on March 15 at City Hall in Cooper.

Veterans' and America's Future

   The future is changing, there's no doubt about that. Numerous reasons have existed over the years as to why we, America, dream of a future at all. Perhaps, starting from beginning at 1776, we dreamt of a world to call our own. Maybe it's back during Civil War times, and we longed for peace and equality. Or... somehow, it is during a current time of terrorism, conflict, crisis, and fear when we dream of a home without hate. A home of brotherhood. Despite these changes and those to come, I feel as if God has not, nor will ever, alter one important factor within it all... The veteran's heart. It is a single light brought together with many, to explode with bravery and sacrifice. Our country is defined in that heart, in that light, and we will look to the future with confidence because of our veterans.

   In the beginning of wars as a united country, the world was desperate for a light that would cover all fear. There was no assurance of a life filled with safety or adoration. In that ignorant state of tomorrow, God blessed us with miraculous leaders that would proclaim courage, honor, sacrifice and love to rouse the emotions of citizens. He gave them a voice in the midst of silence, and for that, we shall be ever thankful as we are able to possess freedom. Though, in the known shadows, our country has obtained a glorious feature to which enables us to grasp freedom day in and day out... Our brave souls that are founded within veterans. In my own beliefs, having relationships with those who attain such souls, I have come to a conclusion. The Lord is good in all ways and His will is purposeful in everything. This includes the way He uniquely molded, and currently molds, the veteran's heart. It is not something we ourselves can truly fathom until experienced, and that, in itself, is why it is unique. Fear holds society back from action; courage is what allows them to step forward onto the battle field.

   We are a terrified country that is desperate for a Utopia of our own, and, unfortunately, many will remain in that fear. As a nation, we are relying on those who will take action to their dreams of the future, whether they're a voice to the crowds or the feet on the battlegrounds. Presently, the globe is facing indescribable hardships and is left with questions. What is going to happen? Is there a place without chaos? Will we ever be safe? What will tomorrow hold? The future is changing, there's no doubt about that... but now, we are dreaming of a future of brotherhood. Though our world is shrinking, we are growing farther apart. Another question you might ask; well, how will we start? Look at the veteran's heart... God has inexplicably placed brotherhood within it already. A United home we are, and a United one we shall be.

   This is America... Voice or feet, we have to fight for our dreams. The veteran knows such things.

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