Kevin Jefferies

Operations Manager & Tigers Color Commentary

As KETR Operations Manager, Kevin Jefferies is responsible for making sure you hear what you’re supposed to be hearing on FM 88.9 and  Since 1998, KETR listeners have heard Kevin in multiple roles.  Kevin also has many behind the scenes responsibilities, including the supervision of student broadcasters.  Kevin is a graduate of the Radio-Television program at Texas A&M University-Commerce.  A nearly lifelong resident of northeast Texas, Kevin is an alum of Ford High School in Quinlan.

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Luke's good friend Jeff Rice putting the finishing touches on setting up a new Snap Lock Hunting Blind
Luke Clayton

In today's show, Luke talks about choosing a good hunting blind, give some bowhunting tips and talks about his newspaper outdoors column this past week, "WHY HIRE A GUIDE?".  

Jeremy Coe with Sea Ark Boats
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke talks boats with Jeremy Coe with Sea Ark Boats ( It's a discussion you don't want to miss. Jeremy and Luke give a good bit of history on exactly why the aluminum boat is still as popular today as ever. 


Dave Richards, co-author of Observing and Evaluating Whitetails
Dave Richards

This week, Luke visits with wildlife photographer Dave Richards and discusses Dave's Book, Observing and Evaluating Whitetails that was co-authored by Al Brothers.

The book is available in many book stores and through Dave's website,

Tex Mex is a favorite camp food but can be time consuming to prepare. In this week’s column, Luke discusses some tasty and easy to make camp recipes.
Luke Clayton

I enjoyed a summer hog hunt with some great friends recently and, as is often the case, I volunteered to be the camp cook.


by Luke Clayton

Two Lake Texoma fishing legends, Bill Carey and his son Chris, showing off what will become the centerpiece of many tasty fish dinners.
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke talks striper fishing with Bill Carey with Striper Express ( up on Lake Texoma. Luke also shares some tips on keeping safe from insects during the summer months. 


by Luke Clayton

Mark Balette taking aim with Luke's Airforce AIrguns 45 caliber "Texan" big bore air rifle.
Luke Clayton

In this weeks show, Luke visits with his longtime friend Mark Balette, with B & C Outfitters near Groveton Texas ( Mark and Luke discuss the challenges and fun involved with summer hog hunting. 

Fly fishing at Gunnison Crested Butte

This week, Luke visits with fishing guide Andy Cochran (719-850-9789 -  and talks about fishing opportunities around Gunnison Colorado. 

Larry Weishuhn on his first hunt with his new Dragon Claw big bore air rifle loaded with an arrow and broadhead
Luke Clayton

Making the most of any outdoor outing equates to a positive attitude and the ability to remain flexible. After all, we don’t always catch a limit of fish or shoot a big whitetail buck but if we take the time to truly relish our time spent in the outdoors, we benefit by returning home rejuvenated and refreshed.  A couple days spent last week with two great friends, Jeff Rice and Larry Weishuhn aka. “Mr. Whitetail” is a good case in point.


by Luke Clayton

Two Lake Texoma fishing legends, Bill Carey and his son Chris, showing off what will become the centerpiece of many tasty fish dinners.
Luke Clayton

Setting under the covered boathouse at Mill Creek Resort on Lake Texoma last week several boats loaded with anglers anxious to get out on the water for a morning of striper fishing were sipping coffee and making small talk. I was in one of these boats, along with my grandson Jackson Zimmerman and good friend Jeff Rice.  Rain was pounding on the metal roof above us and off in the distance, lightening was popping and thunder booming.


by Luke Clayton

Stubby Stubblefield shows off a catch
Luke Clayton

In today's show, Luke visits with Stubby Stubbfield and talks summer catfishing. Luke also relates an exciting night 'gigging' trip for flounder. 

Fly fishing at Gunnison Crested Butte

This week, Luke speaks with John Norton of the Gunnison Crested Butte Tourism Department. Listen as they explore some great fishing spots out in Colorado.  Visit for more information.

A catch from Gunnison Colorado

This week, Luke visits with Andrew Sandstrom with Gunnison Crested Butte tourism ( There is much in the outdoors to enjoy in the Gunnison Valley, a destination Luke has enjoyed visiting for many years.

Luke and a buddy smoked and canned these salmon fillets last week.  They are ready for the pressure cooker.
Luke Clayton

Let’s face it, what’s tastier than a crispy fried fish fillet? A family fish fry is a time honored event with many of us and one that this old outdoors writer plans to keep going but, there are other very tasty ways to prepare the fish we enjoy catching so much!


by Luke Clayton

Guide Chris Watson aka. ‘The Catman’ is one of the top guides Luke has fished with during his 30 plus year career as an outdoors writer.
Luke Clayton

I am about to introduce many of you to Mr. Chris Watson, aka. “Catman”.  Many of you avid fishermen will know Chris who has guided at Richland Chambers Reservoir for many years. I hope we can all pull together and provide Chris and his family with a bit of help; he is going through some very tough health problems and will undergo a major surgery in a matter of days.


by Luke Clayton

Guide Chris Carey with Striper Express and Luke Zimmerman display one of many striped bass landed on topwaters this past week.
Luke Clayton

My grandson Luke Zimmerman, Jeff Rice and myself arrived at our cabin at Mill Creek Resort on Lake Texoma an hour or so before dark last week on the eve of a long anticipated top water striper fishing trip with my friends at Striper Express.  Bill Carey had been telling me all about the awesome top water action for the past couple weeks and we were chompin at the bit to get after them. There is something very addictive about watching a big striper attack a topwater plug.

(full story continues below)


This week, a fishing update on Lake Texoma
Striper Express

This week, Luke is heading up to beautiful Lake Texoma to fish with his friends at Striper Express (

Lake Fork guide Seth Vanover shows off his Livescope and one of many crappie caught on a recent outing
Luke Clayton

LAKE FORK- Back in the day, the drill for a crappie fishing trip went something like this: Pull up to a tree with limbs above the water, secure the boat, drop minnows down through the limbs and either catch crappie or spend 30 minutes trying and then move on to the next likely spot.  Those days are long gone for Lake Fork guide Seth Vanover and other anglers savvy in the use of their “Livescope”, the latest innovation for seeing what’s below the surface of the water.

Luke's guest this week is Larry Weishuhn, Mr. Whitetail.

This week, Larry Weishuhn (aka Mr. Whitetail) joins Luke and the topic is hunting in far west Texas.

Luke talks west Texas hunting this week
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke travels far out to the Trans Pecos region of Texas to talk hunting and fishing with Austin Bollier (432-556-7287)  with the Double LL Double DD Ranch. Far west Texas offers myriad outdoor activities including hunting for mule deer, gamble quail, javelina, feral hogs (of course). Fishing and the scenery is awesome on the nearby Rio Grande River. Hopefully today's show will help you plan your hunt 'out west'. 

Luke "social distancing" from a remote creek above lake Fork.
Luke Clayton

I though during this time of sticking close to home, you might enjoy this little two-part tale of the life of a fictitious wild hog. Part One is below.


by Luke Clayton

Part one

Cameron Brinkerhoff with an airgun
Luke Clayton

In today's show, Cameron Brinkerhoff with Airforce Airguns ( joins Luke and discusses shooting modern day air rifles. Luke also shares some tips on traveling on hunting and fishing trips during the current restrictions created by the Coronavirus. 

Luke "social distancing" from a remote creek above lake Fork.
Luke Clayton

A campfire visit with Luke this week. We're talking about the white bass run in creeks  and rivers i the area as well as the upcoming turkey season.

From the official website for Hunt County:

From: Hunt County Judge


Re: Second COVID-19 Positive Result in Hunt County

The Hunt County Commisioner's Court has issued a disaster declaration for the county that details a shelter-in-place, or "stay at home" order. The order goes into effect Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. and directs all non-essential employees and businesses to cease activity or stay at home except for essential activities and business. 

Creek fishing often produces a ‘mixed creel’. Luke landed white and yellow bass, crappie and catfish this past week on a fishing trip above Lake Fork.
Luke Clayton


by Luke Clayton

As I sloshed along the muddy trail leading to the secluded section of creek I planned to fish, I found myself stopping occasionally not only for a short ‘breather’ but also to admire the sights and smells of early spring. Buds were swelling on the trees, tiny leaves were beginning to appear. Birds were voicing their joy that they had survived yet another winter and it was time to go about their work of procreating.

Jeff Rice shows off a good size Bowfin (Grinnel). Bowfin and several other fish are great table fare but overlooked by many anglers.
Demi Rice

Through my many years as an outdoors writer, fishing with anglers in both fresh and saltwater, I’ve learned that fish that I grew up thinking were ‘trash’ fish actually were very tasty when prepared properly. 


by Luke Clayton

Archery Talk

Feb 28, 2020
Skip Peterson of Gearhead Archery

This week Luke talks archery with Skip Peterson with Gearhead Archery ( Skip tells about the 18 and 20 inch (axle to axle) bows that are revolutionizing the archery Industry. 

Luke (far left) at work frying fish on the creekbank after a fun fishing trip with Cedar Creek guide Jason Barber and Jason’s son Jacob Barber.
Jeff Rice

I first fished with my friend guide Jason Barber about 12 years ago while doing the legwork for a magazine article on Cedar Creek Lake. I remember asking Jason what species we were going to fish for. His replied with a question, “What do you wish to catch”? Through the years I’ve witnessed him back up that statement many times by putting me on some red hot catching for hybrid stripers, white bass, largemouth, trophy class blue catfish and ever the most finicky of all freshwater fish, crappie.

crappie guide Cameron Burnett
Luke Clayton

Luke's guest this week is crappie guide Cameron Burnett (903.850.3123) and the topic is catching crappie during the current transition period when crappie are making the move from deep to shallow. 

Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival

This week, Luke visits with Beau Beasley with Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival fly fishing event  ( coming to the Plano Event Center March 21-22.