88.9 KETR's broadcast power at 10%, expected to be resolved Friday

Aug 1, 2012

As is sometimes the case, 88.9 KETR must perform routine maintenance on our broadcast transmitter in order to continue to deliver the high-quality news and public radio programming you've come to expect from us.

Today, our analog vacuum tube in our transmitter completed it's mission and gave up the ghost. Such is life.

Not to worry, a shiny new one is on order and will be installed as soon as possible. We expect that to be Friday afternoon.

In the meantime, listeners outside of a 5 mile radius of Commerce, TX may notice a lower audio quality or an inability to tune in 88.9 FM at all. This is only temporary. No need to change those presets.

Please keep up with our local news through this site, and feel free to point your desktop computers and smartphones toward our 'listen live' link in the top left-hand corner, as our programming continues to stream at full-strength!

We appreciate your patience during this regular maintenance operation. We'll be happy to address any questions or concerns left in the comments section below.