Audio: Michael Meredith Discusses 'Dandy' Documentary on 'North by Northeast'

Oct 3, 2019

This Sunday's Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers game at AT&T Stadium will be far from an Ice Bowl. Kickoff-time temperature is forecast for the upper 80s, and even if a blue norther were to hit Arlington, it wouldn't matter inside the climate-controlled opulence of Jerryworld.

But any time these two franchises get together, the ghosts of the 1967 NFL Championship Game stir. The contest remains one of the famous games in football history - perhaps the most famous. For those who don't know, Green Bay defeated Dallas 21-17 in subzero temperatures so cold that a few players suffered from frostbite nerve damage for the rest of their days. One elderly fan literally froze to death during the game.

The Cowboys' much-loved quarterback, Mount Vernon native Don Meredith, wasn't on the winning side that day. His son, filmmaker Michael Meredith, produced a documentary for NFL Films on the game. It premiered in Mount Vernon in December 2017. KETR's Mark Haslett was there, and you can hear an extended interview with Michael Meredith on the Friday, Oct. 4 broadcast of KETR's North By Northeast.