City of Commerce Announces Water Service Restoration

Feb 22, 2021

City of Commerce officials announced a restoration of municipal water service on Feb. 22. The city published this statement at 7 a.m. on Monday:

"The City of Commerce was able to produce enough water overnight to get the water towers about half full. This should mean that all water mains and all customers within Commerce have water.

If you are in Commerce and still don't have water, please let us know.

To the customers outside of Commerce, we will be turning on the connections this morning at 9AM. We will have to watch and see if any major leaks present themselves. As a reminder, please call 903.886.1139 to report any leaks. 

We all need to continue to conserve water until all customers, including those outside of Commerce have pressure fully restored.

Additionally, we remain under a Boil Water Alert, so please boil any tap water that will be used for cooking or drinking for two minutes. Then let it cool before use. We hope to have the boil water alert lifted within the next day or two.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! We greatly appreciate the encouraging words from many of you."

The city's water delivery system went offline on the evening of Feb. 16, after the system's pumps failed.