Dog Attack Kills Hawk Cove Infant

Jun 30, 2020

An infant was killed in southern Hunt County Monday morning after being attacked by a dog, the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office said.

Shortly after 11:00 a.m., deputies responded to a report of a dog bite in the 9900 block of Private Road 3820 in the Easy Living addition of Hawk Cove, near Quinlan.

The first deputy on scene found an infant in the road “who had suffered major trauma as a result of a dog attack.”

The child was taken by ambulance to Hunt Regional Medical Center in Quinlan, but the child did not survive.

Officials said they believe the child had gotten out of an enclosed yard without family members realizing it and went down the gravel road.

The dog, believed to be a pit bull, was in a yard enclosed by a four-foot chain link fence but was able to escape and attack the infant.

The dog was seized and is being held by a local animal control facility.

“I am heartbroken over this whole matter and my thoughts and prayers are with the family tonight,” Sheriff Randy Meeks said.