Greenville's newest fire engine due next month

Dec 26, 2014

The City of Greenville should receive its new fire truck, largely paid for through the generosity of an anonymous donor, next month.

Greenville’s newest fire engine, paid for through an anonymous donor, will join the ranks of the city’s existing fire trucks next month.
Credit Brad Kellar

“As of now, the delivery schedule is for January 20,” said City Manager Massoud Ebrahim.

The Greenville City Council voted in March to approve the almost $656,000 purchase of a Pierce Fire Rescue Pumper and equipment for the Greenville Fire-Rescue Department.

Ebrahim said the new equipment will be welcomed with open arms by city officials, firefighters and local residents.

“We are going to let the community know when the fire engine is here,” he said.

The fire department currently has an aerial truck, three front line engines, one reserve engine and one reserve aerial truck. The city has not purchased any fire trucks in about seven years and one of the reserve pumper trucks, a 1993 fire engine, has been the source of repeated maintenance issues.

Ebrahim had not intended to issue debt to pay for the truck, maintaining he wanted to build on an account until it reached the $500,000 range before considering financing for another fire engine.

But an anonymous donor contributed $150,000 in November 2013, again in December of last year and also in January, with another $200,000 coming from unspent monies from other capital improvement projects.

The combination of funds meant the city was able to pay cash for the truck.

The engine itself cost $555,900, with another $100,000 included for the purchase of rescue equipment such as a hose, nozzles, extinguishers, and other items.