Loud 'explosions' reported across region

Oct 6, 2013

Social media exploded late Saturday night with reports of 'loud explosions'  and 'gun shots' being heard across the region.

At about 11:20 Saturday night, a large "boom" was heard in Commerce and nearby areas. With a secondary explosion 30 minutes later. Social media was buzzing with many people wondering what was going on, with some fearing potential meteors or even earthquakes.

After receiving many calls, Commerce Fire and Police Departments were unable to locate any damage, or fires of any sort.

The cause? Tannerite.

Tannerite is a mixture of aluminum powder, ammonium nitrate and small amounts of other chemicals. When struck with a blunt force, (i.e. bullet, hammer, etc.) the chemical will react with a large, fire-less, explosion which can be heard up to 30 miles away from the source.  The chemical is used widely in film-making.

Residents just outside of Commerce were shooting off firearms at the chemical, causing the explosions that were heard for miles. A video surfaced onto social media about an hour after the confusion started of them playing with the chemicals.

This is not the first time that tannerite was found to be the culprit behind mysterious "booms". Back in April, many reports came in to west New York law enforcement about the sounds.

Because the explosives are legal, no charges have been pressed against the residents. This goes without saying, however, there were many noise complaints.