NETX in Median Range for Unvaccinated Students

Aug 7, 2018

Credit WikiCommons

A study of Texas school districts by the Dallas Morning News shows more parents around the state are opting to not vaccinate their children. The report says schools in Northeast Texas have an average number of students not vaccinated. Most districts in the state fall between about a half-percent to around 3 percent.

The study shows the number of unvaccinated students climbing in most counties around the state.  In Northeast Texas, some districts in Grayson County have seen the number of unvaccinated students double or even triple since 2016. In actual numbers, that on average means fewer than 40 students.

The only county in the region to see upticks in unvaccinated students in every district reported since 2016 was Kaufman. Meanwhile Delta County’s sole school district, in Cooper, saw the number of unvaccinated students drop from 12 to nine.