Ordinance puts new emphasis on living requirements

Mar 22, 2012

COMMERCE - The City of Commerce has amended its residential rental ordinance that relaxes occupant restrictions and puts the focus on parking requirements. 

Community Development Director Steve Wilson first addressed the item with council members last month, noting that with the current college student population there are some instances where multiple students would like to share a house to help with expenses.

However, the original ordinance restricted this based on the definition of a family. That states that no more than two unrelated persons can live in a one or two bedroom house, and no more than three unrelated persons can live in a three or more bedroom house.

According to Wilson, the issue lied more in adequate, safe and attractive parking spaces for these tenants.

Under the revised ordinance, passed Tuesday, a single family home occupied by more than one family shall require at least three parking spaces if there are four occupants. For a duplex or apartment, at least three parking spaces are required for a four bedroom.

A complete summary of the revised ordinance is available through the City of Commerce website.