Reno PD to Post Warrant Offenders Online

Nov 14, 2018

Reno Police Chief Jeremy Massey says the city wants to lower its backlog of warrant violations.

Starting in December, the Reno Police Department in Lamar County will start listing the names of those with outstanding warrants on its Facebook page. Police Chief Jeremy Massey says the hope is to pare down a backlog of warrants in the city courts.

“We have a large amount, even for a town our size, of those outstanding warrants,” Massey says. “We’re just trying to clear those up and get people to follow their promise to appear on these citations and get them cleared.”

Massey says that while all those to be listed are not guilty per se, they all did fail to appear before a judge as promised.


“Almost all are traffic infractions,” he says.

Anybody with an outstanding warrant in Reno can pay in person or by phone or mail and avoid being outed on social media.