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The Wildcats Beat the Wildcats (That's Sulphur Springs defeating Paris)

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SULPHUR SPRINGS-Former district rivals faced off Friday night in the 1st Annual Bodacious Bowl, and it was definitely a great game.

The Sulphur Springs Wildcats (District 14-4A) hosted their former District rivals, the (District 13-3A) Paris Wildcats at Gerald Prim Stadium at 7:30 p.m. Friday, September 21. Sulphur Springs was once again in their home blues with white letters trimmed in yellow and a helmet with two white s’s as the logo, and Paris was in their white roadies with blue letters trimmed in yellow. (To save some confusion, when using the mascot names the Sulphur Springs Wildcats will be henceforth referred to as the SS Cats and Paris will be referred to as the Wildcats.)

When the Sulphur Springs and Paris captains walked out on the field, it was a pleasant 84 degrees with clear skies, and the sun was just setting behind the left side of the home stands. Captains for the SS Cats were Tony Bravo, Miguel Mejia, Carson Hicks, and Alex Torres; and the Paris captains were Keandre Robinson, Sed Ellis, Bricky Reed, and Jamal Black.

Sulphur Springs won the toss, but deferred to Paris. The Wildcats elected to receive.

Tony Bravo kicked off for the SS Cats, and it bounced out of the end zone for a touchback.

The Wildcats gained nothing on their very first play, a run by Quay Scott. But on the next play Keandre Robinson hit Joe Wallace for 10 yards. Then the Wildcats had a little trouble with the snap, which would be a recurring problem through the night. Robinson would be sacked by the SS Cats twice after 2 bad snaps, and though Robinson gained 9 of those yards back on a quarterback keeper, the Wildcats were forced to punt on 4th and 36 from their own 9.

Brad Macek came out for the SS Cats on the Paris 38, and immediately got in a groove. He completed two of his first three passes, hitting Cole Hill for 4 yards and Willy Ivery for 9, with Tim Monk gaining two on the ground between passes. The Wildcats would get the first down, and Monk would get another 8 yards before Willy Ivery would get the call. He’d run 13 yards on 3 and 3 for a touchdown. With 7:24 remaining in the first quarter, it was 7-0 Sulphur Springs.

The second Wildcat drive didn’t start off all that well either. Paris started the drive with a false start, and then gained only 1 yard on the feet of Scott and Kenny Mason before losing three yards on a screen pass from Robinson to Wallace. Paris got a great punt from Victor Guzman though, the ball flying from the Paris 18 to the Sulphur Springs 25. Larry Pryor returned the ball 5 yards for the SS Cats.

Sulphur Springs came back onto the field looking to quickly strike again, but instead they lost the ball. Monk would fumble on the first play of the drive, and Paris would recover the ball on the Sulphur Springs 32.

On their third drive Paris finally got into a groove. Mason ran for 9 on the first play of the drive and Scott punched through the SS Cats line for the first down. The Wildcats would grab a block in the back penalty on the next play, but then Wallace would get the Wildcats to the Sulphur Springs 16, and Robinson threw a 16 yard touchdown pass to Mason on second and 4. With 4:27 left in the first, it was all tied up at 7.

Sulphur Springs got the ball on their own 28, and Macek started the third SS Cats drive with an incomplete pass. But the Wildcats got a holding call, so Sulphur Springs got an automatic first down.

Macek hit Monk and Hill for the next first down, and then ran for 7 yards on his own before getting sacked twice consecutively. On their own 47 the SS Cats were forced to punt it back to Paris. Sulphur Springs got a great punt that went to the Paris 19, but the Wildcats’ Donte’ Bills would return the punt 31 yards to the Sulphur Springs 50, great field position for Paris.

Or so they thought. Paris got a personal foul, and the ball was taken back 22 yards to the Paris 28. And then to make matters worse the Wildcats grabbed another false start on their first play. They would recover though, with Scott grabbing 5 yards and Robinson getting 12. Sulphur Springs grabbed Robinson’s facemask on the play and gave them a free 15 yards.

But then Robinson would get sacked yet again by the SS Cats, and that was the end of the first quarter. At the end of 1, it was 7 Sulphur Springs 7 Paris.

Scott started the second quarter with a 6 yard run, but the Wildcats wouldn’t convert after an incomplete pass by Robinson. On third down Paris’ D’Tavius Harmon was injured, but he would walk off the field with help and re-enter the game later on.

Paris punted the ball, and it landed on the Sulphur Springs 4.

Macek completed three passes on the next SS Cats drive to Hill, Willy Ivery, and Colton Wise, but only gained 8 yards. Sulphur Springs punted back to Paris.

Scott and Robinson ran, but gained only 1 yard total and punted it right back.

On the first play of the next SS Cats drive, Willy Ivery would run 33 yards. But Sulphur Springs wouldn’t be able to do anymore thanks to a block in the back penalty and a chop block. Bravo came out to punt, and the SS Cats got a delay of game penalty. They finally punted to the Paris 22.

Scott grabbed 20 yards on the Paris drive and Robinson would gain 20 on the ground and another 15 yards in the air by hitting Kadarius Scott, and Sulphur Springs would even give the Wildcats another 15 freebies on a pass interference by Brennan Brock, but they again wouldn’t capitalize. Scott would fumble the ball on the Sulphur Springs 13, and the SS Cats would recover.

The SS Cats would keep the ball the rest of the half, but wouldn’t score. To end the half Macek would throw the ball into triple coverage near the endzone. Remarkably, Larry Pryor would break through the 3 Paris defenders to snag the ball for a 39 yard reception, but he would land on his back on the Paris 5 as the clocked expired. At the end of the first half, it was 7 Sulphur Springs 7 Paris.

Sulphur Springs got the ball to start the second half. Willy Ivery took the ball from the Sulphur Springs 6 to the Sulphur Springs 47, a 31 yard return.

Buddy Ivery lost a yard on his first rush of the game, but then Willy Ivery came back in and ran 54 yards for a score. They got the extra point, and with 11:09 left in the 3rd, it was 14 Sulphur Springs 7 Paris.

Paris got a dead ball foul that was applied to the kick, but Bills still got it to the Paris 31 on the return.

The next drive for Paris didn’t go too well. Robinson threw two incomplete passes and ran for 8 yards, and the Wildcats punted again. Dakota Smith launched it 61 yards through the Sulphur Springs end zone.

The SS Cats got moving again on their second drive of the half. Buddy Ivery grabbed 9 yards on three rushes, Macek hit Hill for 57 yards, and Willy Ivery ran three times for 17 yards, including an 8 yard touchdown run to end the drive. With 7:55 left in the 3rd, it was 21 Sulphur Springs 7 Paris.

The kick back to Paris rolled out of bounds, so Paris started at their own 30. This time the Wildcats struck back. Scott grabbed 20 yards on 2 rushes and Robinson 6 passes for 66 yards, including a 21 yard pass to Scott for a touchdown. The Wildcats muffed the extra point, so the score with 5:24 left in the 3rd was 21 Sulphur Springs 13 Paris.

The Paris kick was returned by Sulphur Springs’ Pryor 14 yards to the 34, and Paris gave them another 15 on a dead ball foul, so the SS Cats started on their own 49.

Macek hit Wise and Hill for 31 yards and the Iverys combined for another 16 yards on the ground, including another touchdown run for Willey, this time for 5 yards. With 4:28 left in the 3rd, it was 28 Sulphur Springs 13 Paris.

Bills returned the kick to the Paris 25, and Paris started to drive again. Robinson gained 21 yards on the first play of the drive, but then he lost 4 yards and almost lost the ball, and on the next play Robinson was severely hurt. He left the game with 3:17 left in the 3rd, and did not return.

Dakota Smith came in as quarterback for the Wildcats, and immediately hit Quay Henderson for 16 yards. He’d have 4 consecutive incompletions after that, but Mason kept the drive alive with a 23 yard run. Then Smith hit Scott in space for 22 yards and a touchdown. Paris again missed the extra point, this time by bouncing the ball off of the uprights, and the score with 2:07 in the 3rd was 28 Sulphur Springs 19 Paris.

But the SS Cats would answer again. Macek went 4 for 4 on the drive for 20 yards to receivers Buddy Ivery, Hill, Jordan Jackson, and Wise, and Willy Ivery got 51 yards on 3 rushes, including the score for the SS Cats on a 26 yard run. With 11:26 in the fourth, the score was 35 Sulphur Springs, 19 Paris.

Bills returned the kick to the Paris 10, and on the return Tim Monk was hurt. No word on his condition.

Though Sulphur Springs gave Paris two 15 yard freebies on consecutive pass interference calls, Paris still couldn’t really get moving. On 4 &16 with 8:26 left in the game, Paris turned it over on downs after an incomplete pass to Wallace in the endzone.

Buddy Ivery took the ball for the SS Cats on the first play and grabbed 19 yards, then Willy Ivery grabbed 5, Macek hit Alex Burney for 8 yards, and Buddy grabbed the touchdown on 1 & 3. With 7:06 left in the left in the game, it’s 42 Sulphur Springs 19 Paris.

Bills would fumble the kick return for Paris, but the Wildcats would recover. Sulphur Springs gave Paris two personal foul calls giving them 30 free yards, and Paris also got 19 yards rushing from Scott and 31 yards passing from Smith to Henderson. Paris would get to the Sulphur Springs 36, but then Smith would fumble the ball, and Sulphur Springs would recover.

Macek would hit Jordan Jackson 3 times for 26 yards and Johnathon Crook would rush twice, and Sulphur Springs would get to the Paris 33 before kneeling down to end the game. Final score: Sulphur Springs 42 Paris 19.

Sulphur Springs improves to 2-2, and will face Corsicana next week at home. Paris drops to 1-3, and will be in Melissa next Friday.

Box Score:

                                    1          2         3          4

Sulphur Springs             7          0        21         14

Paris                                7          0        12         0



Keandre Robinson: 9/14, 89yds, 3TD

Dakota Smith: 5/12, 71yds, TD

Sulphur Springs

Brad Macek: 26/31, 241yds



Quay Scott: 14,61yds, fumble

Kenny Mason: 3, 33yds

?Keandre Robinson: 13, 23yds, fumble

Joe Wallace: 1, 13 yds

Dakota Smith : 4, -18yds, fumble


Willy Ivery: 13,187yds, 5TD

Buddy Ivery: 10,66yds, TD?

Tim Monk: 3,10yds, 1fumble

Brad Macek: 4, -17yds

Cole Hill: 1,4yds

Johnathon Crook: 2,1yds



Dakota Smith: 1,9yds?

Joe Wallace: 2, 7yds

?Kenny Mason: 1, 16yds, TD

Kadarius Scott: 1,15yds

Quay Scott: 2, 42, 2TD

Andrew Dunn: 1, 3yds

?Jailon Garvin: 1,16yds

?Quay Henderson: 1,31yds


Willy Ivery: 2, 9yds

Colton Wise: 3,31yds Buddy Ivery: 2,14yds

Cole Hill: 7, 89yds

Larry Pryor: 1, 39yds

Jordan Jackson: 4, 25yds

Tim Monk: 1, 0yds




Sulphur Springs


Punt Returns


3: 31yds

Sulphur Springs

18: 5yds



13, -125yds


10, -112

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