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Caddo Mills Out-Foxed in Pottsboro

POTTSBORO-Two teams undefeated in District 6 2A met Friday, October 12, and only one could leave the field of Jim Henderson Memorial Stadium with that perfect record intact.

The Caddo Mills Foxes (2-4, 2-0 District 6 2A) faced the Pottsboro Cardinals (6-0, 2-0 District 6 2A) in Pottsboro at 7:30 p.m. Friday, October 12. The temperature at the time was a comfortable 73 degrees, there were a few clouds in the sky, and winds were gusting at about 20 mph.

The Cardinals were in their home red uniforms with white letters, white pants, and a white helmet with a cardinal on the helmet; and the Fighting Foxes were in white with green letters on their chest, white pants with green stripes down the legs, and white helmets with a CM on the side.

Caddo Mills captain were Colton Black, Damian Newby, and Daxx Hill, and the captains for Pottsboro were Tanner Frye, Justin Lawler, Colt Rutherford, and Mikey Wade. The Cardinals won the toss and received the ball.

Daxx Hill misfired a little on the opening kick and it bounced out of bounds. The Foxes kicked again five yards further back, and this time it rolled out the endzone for a touchback.

The Cardinals came out on the field, but didn’t do much on their first drive. Austin Riddle rushed twice for 1 yard total, and Frye missed his target on third down. Kory Waller punted it away, and it was fair-caught by Caddo Mills.

The Foxes also didn’t start off well in their first drive, though they were a little bit more successful than Pottsboro. Daxx Hill lost a few on his first run, but then the Cardinals grabbed two consecutive penalties, off sides and a facemask, giving the Foxes an automatic first down. Daxx Hill ran for 13 yards on the remainder of the drive and Newby connected with Dakota Monroe for 15 yards, grabbing 2 more first downs. But the Foxes would also grab a holding penalty, Newby missed Tyler Kirkpatrick, and on fourth and nineteen Newby grabbed only 4 yards. The Foxes would turnover the ball on downs at the Pottsboro 26.

The Cards would then get a drive going. Frye missed his first two passes, but then connected with Dallas Sewell down the field 74 yards for a touchdown. With 4:13 remaining in the first quarter, Pottsboro was up 7 to nothing over Caddo Mills.

The Foxes would struggle again on offense and end their second drive with a net 4 yards lost after Newby was tackled behind the line and missed his next two passes. Hill punted it and the ball rolled out the end zone for a touchback.

The Cards came onto the field for their third drive, and it looked like they would quickly extend their lead over the Foxes. Running back Thadious Flinn would grab 6 quick yards on two attempts, and on third down Frye launched a deep ball to Lawler, which at first appeared to be a catch for well over 30 yards. But Jacob Tillet, who was covering Lawler for the Foxes, would strip the ball out of Lawler’s hands as they both hit the ground, and returned it 22 yards to the Pottsboro 40.

On the next play Caddo Mills struck. Newby handed the ball off to Hill, and the Foxes running back scooted 40 yards down the field, breaking two tackles on the way. With 1:19 left in the first, the score was 7-7.

Frye lead his Cards back onto the field looking to make up for his interception. He grabbed 10 yards on a run on the first play of the drive, then connected with Lawler for 18 yards. Riddle grabbed a few yards, Frye got 7 yards on a pass to Waller, and on 4th and 1 Frye punched through the Caddo Mills line for 1 yard as the first quarter clock expired. At the end of 1, the score was still 7-7.

With the changing of the quarters Pottsboro lost a little hunger, and the Caddo Mills defense held on their own 25. The Cards got a holding penalty and Asa Pelt sacked Frye on 4th and 9 on the Caddo 24, giving the ball back to the Foxes.

On the first play of the Foxes’ next drive, Hill struck again. Newby handed him the ball and he ran mostly untouched 68 yards to the end zone. With 9:50 left in the half, the score was 14 Caddo Mills, 7 Pottsboro.

Dakota Monroe kicked off for Caddo, and it was returned 31 yards to the Pottsboro 37 by Dallas Sewell.

The Cardinals struggled on their next drive, and again were forced to punt after a holding penalty. Waller punted the ball 45 yards to the Caddo Mills 13.

The Foxes netted negative yards on their last drive after a sack of Newby by Everett Baker. Hill punted the ball just 28 yards to the Caddo Mills 34.

The Cards started this drive with great field position, but wouldn’t be able to capitalize. Frye grabbed a first down on his own feet, but then threw an interception to Keaton Jones in the end zone.

The Foxes would again get bogged down on offense though, giving up another sack (this time to Lawler) and punting the ball again, this time for 30 yards to the Pottsboro 49.

The good field position on this drive would give the Cards enough of a push to score. After a few passes from Frye to Lawler, Frye and Flinn grabbed a few yards on the ground and Keaton Jones would be called for pass interference, putting Pottsboro just 2 yards away from the Caddo end zone with :17 seconds in the half. On the next play Frye connected with Lawler for a touchdown, and the game was tied at 14 with :10 left in the half. Caddo ended the half by kneeling.

Caddo received the ball to start the second half, and after a questionable return from the end zone, the Foxes started on their own 8.

Dakota Monroe made up the ground for the Foxes, grabbing 16 yards on a end around play. But then Hayden Greene, the other quarterback for Caddo, threw an interception to Austin Riddle.

The Cards would get the ball on the Caddo Mills 29, and score again. Flinn rushed three times for 25 yards, and Frye punched it in from 4 yards out. With 10:09 left in the third, it was 21-14 Pottsboro over Caddo Mills.

Caddo exercised their punter again on the next drive after a bad snap to Newby on third and 6.

On this drive the Cards started on their own 32. But they’d punt the ball right back, Waller punting it 61 yards to the 19.

And Caddo Mills would punt it right back again after another sack of Newby, not getting much. The ball traveled just 25 yards to the Caddo 36, great field position for Pottsboro.

This would provide another catalyst for the Cardinals offense. Flinn toted the ball for 16 yards and Frye connect with Lawler for a 10 yard touchdown pass. With just 27 seconds left in the third quarter, Pottsboro extended their lead to 28-14.

The Foxes ended the third quarter with a 4 yard rush by Monroe to the Caddo 24. Monroe, Hill, and Jacob Tillet would lead an all ground-game the next 48 yards before Newby connected with Keaton Jones for 28 yards and a score. Caddo would miss the extra point. With 8:34 left in the game, the score was 28-20 Pottsboro.

On the next Pottsboro drive the Cardinals looked to again extend their lead as Flinn knocked off 6 totes for 58 yards. But then the Cards would again turn it over in Caddo territory, this time on a fumble. Caddo recovered with 5:42 left in the game.

The Foxes made a big push, but in the end they wouldn’t get far enough down the field to score, with Newby throwing an incomplete pass on 4th and 12 with 1:46 left in the game.

Pottsboro got a first down, and ended the game with three straight kneels.

Final score: 28 Pottsboro 20 Caddo Mills

The Pottsboro Cardinals (7-0, 3-0 District 6 2A) face the Commerce Tigers (4-2, 2-0 District 6 2A) next week in another battle of District 6 2A undefeated teams. Commerce beat the Sunnyvale Raiders 28-10 on Friday, October 12. The Caddo Mills Foxes (2-5, 2-1 District 6 2A) will host the Howe Bulldogs (2-4, 0-2 District 6 2A) next week. The Bulldogs lost to the Farmersville Farmers 46-29 on Friday, October 12.

Box Score

Caddo Mills      7      7      0      6   20

Pottsboro        7      7      14     0   28



Pottsboro-Tanner Frye: 12 for 26, 186 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT

Caddo Mills-Hayden Greene: 0 for 1, 0 yards, 1 INT; Damian Newby: 4 for 11, 52 yards, 1 TD


Pottsboro-Tanner Frye: 10 for 48, 1 TD; Thadious Flinn: 16 for 119 yards; Austin Riddle: 6 for 12 yards

Caddo Mills-Daxx Hill: 21 for 157, 2 TDS; Damian Newby: 11 for -16 yards; Dakota Monroe: 5 for 32 yards; Jacob Tillet: 2 for 11 yards


Pottsboro-Dallas Sewell: 3 for 88 yards, 1 TD; Kory Waller: 1 for 7 yards; Justin Lawler: 9 for 62 yards, 2 TDS

Caddo Mills-Dakota Monroe: 1 for 7 yards; Keaton Jones: 1 for 28 yards, 1 TD;  Tyler Kirkpatrick: 1 for 3 yards; Michael Williamson: 1 for 11 yards


Pottsboro-Braden Fellinger: 3 tackles, 1 assist, 1 sack; Robbie Carter: 3 tackles, 1 assist; Tyler Breihan: 2 tackles; Austin Riddle: 1 tackle; Everett Baker: 8 tackles, 1 sack; Jay Earheart: 1 tackle, 1 assist; Mikey Wade: 2 tackles, 2 assists; Holden Keenan: 4 tackles; Kory Waller: 1 tackle; Justin Lawler: 2 tackles, 1 assist, 1 sack; Dallas Sewell: 2 tackles, 1 assist; Harrison Flinn: 2 tackles

Caddo Mills-Joe White: 5 tackles, 1 assist; Colton Black: 2 tackles; Jacob Tillet: 4 tackles, 2 assists; Cody Nitson: 2 tackles; Asa Pelt: 1 tackle, 1 sack; Dalton Curry: 2 tackles, 1 assist; Keaton Jones: 1 tackle, 1 assist; Cody Munson: 1 tackle; Garrett Cox: 3 tackles; Dakota Monroe: 1 tackle


Pottsboro-Austin Riddle 1 INT

Caddo Mills-Jacob Tillet: 1 INT; Keaton Jones: 1 INT; Daxx Hill: 1 FUM REC


Pottsboro-Kory Waller: Kickoff: 4 for 234 yards, Punting: 3 for 147 yards

Caddo Mills-Dakota Monroe: Kickoff: 4 for 190 yards; Punting: 4 for 150 yards