Backroads of Northeast Texas

Zachary Adams shared stories of Northeast Texas on KETR's airwaves this year.
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KETR says goodbye to 2020 with only one regret -- we won't have the services of Zachary Adams, who produced a history series for the station as part of his graduate program at Texas A&M University-Commerce. Listeners heard the "Backroads of Northeast Texas" series occasionally during Weekend Edition Saturday and All Things Considered throughout the Fall 2020 semester.

Norris Community History Dates To 1890s

Dec 23, 2020
Norris student-athletes brought home some state hardware to Northeast Texas.
Mount Moriah Baptist Church

The other side of the tracks and the hole, these are just a few of the things that the Norris Community of Commerce has been negatively referred to over the years. This community is a constant story of difficulties, coming together, and overcoming obstacles. Since the 1890s this community has been home to a large African American population. Several institutions and groups are critical to the story of the Norris Community. Among these are the Mt. Moriah Temple Baptist Church, the Norris School, and the Norris Community Club. 

Cooper Lake Story Provides Context For New Reservoirs

Dec 23, 2020
 Jim Chapman Lake at Cooper Lake State Park provides water for the North Texas Municipal Water District, the Sulphur River Municipal Water District, and the city of Irving.
Zachary Adams

When researching my last article on the Ladonia Square I came across the City of Ladonia website and noticed something interesting on the about section of the city. The second paragraph begins by stating that “The future of Ladonia involves the building of Lake Ralph Hall…” The text goes on to describe how the lake will bring in new economic opportunities to Ladonia, but will it?

Legacy of Neylandville's St. Paul School Continues

Nov 11, 2020
A historical marker stands at the site of St. Paul School.
Zachary Adams

Neylandville isn’t the most renowned of Northeast Texas communities, but its legacy to the region is bigger than its small population might suggest. The region’s university recently named its library after a Neylandville local.

Ladonia Fossil Park To Lie Underneath Lake Ralph Hall

Nov 11, 2020
The North Sulphur River's channel dwarfs its water flow.

Descending the stone steps of the Ladonia Fossil Park is like stepping back into another age. Stepping down into the mostly dry bed of the North Sulphur River, the ground is active territory for all manner of arrowheads, fossils, and interesting rocks.

In 1932 the Fannin County School Board consolidated the schools, along with Providence School and formed the Bartley-Woods School.
Zachary Adams

I played junior high football for the Fannindel schools in Ladonia. Our games routinely took us across all manner of country roads throughout Fannin County. One evening, as we travelled through the small city of Windom our coach/bus driver began telling us about the Bartley-Woods School. 

The Honey Grove Library & Learning Center is located on the Northeast corner of the Square in Honey Grove.
Jessica Adams

            Dr. David Graham Hall was born in 1858 in New Hampshire. Hall obtained a Harvard education and became a doctor, eventually setting up a practice in Dallas. This medical practice attracted attention that was controversial to say the least. Hall earned the nickname “Shooting Doctor” due to the large hypodermic needles he used. Additionally, there were incidents with an experimental typhoid vaccine that would turn the skin of patients blue. But it is not the medical practices of Dr. Hall that should be remembered, it is his charitable work.

Bug Tussle signs were popular with souvenir hunters and many people would marry there to have Bug Tussle on their marriage license.
Zachary Adams

In southeastern Fannin County, between the cities of Ladonia and Honey Grove stand the remains of a little country general store. The business once had gas pumps and a blacksmith shop in addition to the main store. Today, all that is left is the main building, a small, A-frame, tin building and a sign proclaiming "Welcome to Bug Tussle."