Texas Commission on Jail Standards

Delta County Sheriff Ricky Smith commends Jail Administrator Sue Ann Johnson for passing standards for fifth year in row.
Cindy Roller / Cooper Review

Delta County passed the Jail Standards for the fifth year in a row. Delta County Sheriff Ricky Smith credited Jail Administrator Sue Ann Johnson with the success.

Sanitation Solutions is currently assisting the City of Cooper in the demolition of condemned properties.
Cindy Roller / Cooper Review

In a meeting which drew a crowd to Delta County’s Commissioners Court for the discussion of County-wide clean possibilities the creation of a Task Force was formed to help enforce current laws. Ed Pickard of Pecan Gap spoke on the agenda item regarding the problem of code enforcement in relation to public nuisances (as in the improper care of property – broken down automobiles and abandoned houses).

Delta County Judge Jason Murray concurred with his statement adding his knowledge of conditions preventing potential buyers.

Jail passes standards

Dec 10, 2014
Delta County Law Enforcement Center passed the Jail Standards.
Cindy Roller / Cooper Review

During the Monday morning meeting of the Delta County Commissioners, Delta County Judge Herb Brookshire pleasantly announced the Delta County Jail has passed the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. The letter stated this “acknowledges the excellent work on the jail” and the certificate represents the compliance and “outstanding leadership achieved by the officers… maintaining a safe and secure facility.” The letter also extended appreciation to the Commissioners Court, who are “vital in the support of the Jail.”

New drug provider for inmates and indigent health discussed.
Cindy Roller / Cooper Review

COOPER - In a recent letter to Delta County Sheriff Gerald Teague from the Texas Commission on Jail Standards it was stated a recent re-inspection of the facility to be deemed in compliance.