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Delta Co. Sheriff's Office Puts 'In God We Trust' On Vehicles

It is a powerful message being sent by the Delta County Sheriff’s Office; however, this one isn’t exactly about crime. The Enloe United Methodist Church recently joined together to present the local law enforcement their newest addition. Each vehicle will be displaying a new “In God We Trust” decal.

“We are very proud to accept this donation and it blends perfectly with our existing Delta County pin striping,” said Delta County Sheriff Ricky Smith, who received prior acceptance opinion from the Attorney General before accepting the donation from Enloe United Methodist Church member representative Cheryl Cash. “There has been some talk about the First Amendment and the separation of church and state but for the most part the comments [on the decals] have been positive. It is on the dollar bill and is the National Motto.”

Delta County Chief Deputy Charla Singleton was present for the donation and assisted in the application to the first vehicle – their new unit – 121 Police Interceptor. The eight patrol vehicles will all soon have matching decals.

“Wayne [her husband] and I sought out a local business to create the decals we were looking for to donate,” said Cheryl Cash, H9 Water Partner and co-owner of Diamond D Dorpers. They were able to find the best rates at the One Stop Sign Shop in Sulphur Springs. She said the initial idea came from a conversation with the local media outlet [Cooper Review/KETR] about another East Texas law enforcement agency displaying these decals as well as across the Country. “We presented them to the church for sponsorship during worship services when we pray for community concerns. Everybody was very excited. It really is a way to help promote Delta County.”

In addition the church’s members and youth will be selling smaller decals with the same “In God We Trust” script to the public for $5. Cash placed her red, white and blue decal in the window of her blue Dodge Charger. They are currently available by contacting Cash at 940-736-1896 or at the Delta County Sheriff’s Office through Carol King, also a EUMC member, at 903-395-2146. The proceeds will go towards church camp funds.

“It really is a win, win. We really want to give credit to the church.” said Cash. “If there is ever a need in this County, the Enloe United Methodist Church is always great to be quick to step up and donate – especially wonderful for such a small town church. They truly make everyone feel welcome.”

“To me it is reassuring to know someone is looking out for our deputies,” added Sheriff Smith. He said he would be more than willing to accommodate any employees that had an issue with the decals but everyone is on board with them.

They will also be placed on the Enloe Volunteer Fire Department trucks. Following the announcement of the decals the Cooper Volunteer Fire Department expressed interest in also displaying similar ones on their four vehicles. Chief Deputy Singleton is helping to coordinate those efforts.

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