Heavy rain expected Wednesday, Thursday

Oct 28, 2013

A storm system will be moving through the region Wednesday and into Thursday that could bring much needed rain to the area.

Texas Drought Monitor for Oct. 22.

As of Oct. 22, most of the region is in a moderate drought with much of Lamar county remaining under extreme drought conditions.

While the rain will be beneficial to the region in many ways, it will also cause major problems. The system is expected to move in Wednesday afternoon and will be in the region through Thursday. In this time period, Northeast Texas could see up to four inches of rainfall.

Due to the short time period for all of this rain to fall, the ground-water will not have much time to soak into the ground. This will cause localized flooding and possible flash flooding across the region.

Flood Safety tips

Flash flooding is the leading cause of death in the U.S. in regards to severe weather with over 140 deaths reported each year.

Storms can produce heavy rainfall and if it's heavy enough, can cause roadways to become covered in standing water.  Two feet of moving water can sweep a car off the road. If you are unsure whether or not your car can make it through a flooded area, "Turn around, don't drown®!".

After the flooding has ceased, make sure you don't go near any damaged areas. Live electrical wires could be exposed, and you don't want to get near that! Also stay away from any moving water; If it only takes two feet to pick up a car, it should be easy to pick you up.

After major floods, emergency workers and rescue teams will be out. Help them out by staying off the roads and out of the way; "damage-seekers" are a nuisance to emergency personnel.

Along with the possibility for flash-flooding, high winds, large hail, and a possibility for isolated tornadoes are also evident. The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK has already placed a slight risk of severe weather for the region for Wednesday.

Your Halloween forecast calls for showers and thunderstorms before 1 pm, but we should have partly cloudy skies and cooler temperatures by the time fall festivals begin, and trick-or-treating commences!

As always, 88.9 KETR-FM and are your source for severe weather information, and we will be live with severe weather coverage when severe weather strikes.

Stay tuned, and stay safe.