Lions After Dark: Holiday Shopping! Gaby's Tips!

Nov 10, 2011

Gaby's Holiday Shopping Tips!

Don't get carried away this season! Here's some tips I've arranged for you guys! ^_^

1. - Carry Cash! - don't get carried away with your own debit card carry cash, and when you run out you are done for the day! Also carry big bills because they are usually harder to break.

2. - Know your credit cards! Make sure you know your interest on your credit cards and beware of which you use. Read the fine print before you do some big shopping on them cards!

3. - Keep track of your spending. Keep your receipts and add them all up at the end of each shopping day!

4. - Plan to pay off the bills! You don't want to be stuck in a bunch of Christmas shopping debt! Make a deadline for when you are going to pay it off, or cut back for a few months while you recover.

5. - Make a list of where you want to shop.  Plan on the stores you are going to and what you are getting there. It's not fun having to circle around town trying to figure out where every gift is!

6. - Shop online! We live in 2011 come on! Use the internet to save you, especially for those that are hard to shop for!