Subpoenas issued in case of slain buffaloes

Jul 3, 2012

GREENVILLE - Investigators may be closer to naming a suspect or suspects in the killings of Lightning Medicine Cloud and his mother.

Sheriff Randy Meeks tells the Greenville Herald-Banner that subpoenas have been issued for individuals to appear before the Hunt County Grand Jury. Meeks says that with the completion of the interviews and return of the subpoenas, he should have some more answers and possibly a suspect.

An official report detailing the cause of death for Lightning Medicine Cloud, a sacred white buffalo, and his mother, Buffalo woman, has not been released. In a June 25 interview with KETR, Meeks said, “We should have that [report] within a week or so.”

The latest edition of the Hunt County Grand Jury was seated Monday to begin a six-month term of considering the issuance of felony indictments to the 354th District Court. The panel is scheduled to meet next on July 27th.