Tough Fiscal Decisions Facing Hunt County Officials

Jun 7, 2012

County officials are trying to make some hard decisions about what to do about next year’s county budget.

 The Hunt County Commissioners Court Wednesday continued the debate over what to do about a potential deficit in next year’s county budget. Precinct 2 Commissioner Jim Atkins suggested they consider making cuts to funds allocated toward local animal shelters and municipal libraries.

County Judge John Horn had asked each county department to find a 5 percent reduction in their respective budgets, and again urged the commissioners to do the same.

Precinct 1 Commissioner Kenneth Thornton says he had already found cuts in his budget but Atkins stressed how since the road and bridge funds were cut in the current year’s budget, they already had necessary maintenance projects which were being postponed.

A new county budget and tax rate must be approved before the start of the next fiscal year on October 1st.