Arby Little Soldier

GREENVILLE - Hunt County authorities say there is no criminal investigation into donations made to the Lakota Ranch in the weeks following the death of Lightning Medicine Cloud.

Little Soldier Responds, Protestor Claims He's Lying

Aug 23, 2012

GREENVILLE - Lakota Ranch Owner Arby Little Soldier Wednesday contended Lightning Medicine Cloud and his mother were killed rather than died of natural causes, disputing remarks made a day earlier by Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks.

Sheriff Meeks: Lightning Medicine Cloud Case Closed

Aug 21, 2012
Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks is not planning on running for reelection in 2020.
Mark Haslett / KETR

GREENVILLE - A more than three month investigation by the Hunt County Sheriff's Office into the death of a sacred white buffalo and his mother has concluded with no suspects, no charges, and no indication of murder.

GREENVILLE - The owners of a sacred white buffalo calf, who along with his mother were killed three months ago, are now considered suspects in the case.

Possible Charges in Buffalo Killings Delayed

Jul 29, 2012

GREENVILLE - The mystery behind who killed a sacred white buffalo calf and his mother will have to wait another month, as the Hunt County Grand Jury did not hear evidence in the case Friday.

Scott Harvey / KETR

GREENVILLE - Leaders of the Lakota Nation Tuesday spoke with passion and called for unity amid what has been a dark three months since the killing of Lightning Medicine Cloud.

GREENVILLE - Elders of the Lakota Sioux say they’re frustrated over a lack of progress in the investigation into the death of a sacred white buffalo.

GOSHEN, CT - As a Texas grand jury prepares to hear evidence in the cases of a slain white buffalo and his mother, Native Americans prepare for the naming ceremony of a white buffalo calf at a ranch in Connecticut.

GREENVILLE - Progress is slow in the investigation of a sacred white buffalo and his mother, who were found dead seven weeks ago on a ranch near Greenville.

Lightning Medicine Cloud's death still a mystery

May 28, 2012
Sacred World Peace Church and ALliance

GREENVILLE - It’s been nearly a month since the slaying of a white buffalo and his mother sparked national attention and an outpouring of support for a Hunt County ranch.

GREENVILLE - A planned anniversary turned memorial for a sacred white buffalo now includes a public service Sunday morning at the Lakota Ranch.

The legacy of Lightning Medicine Cloud will live on

May 7, 2012

GREENVILLE - It was scheduled to be a ceremony honoring the birth of a sacred white buffalo. But this weekend’s Native American Powwow will instead serve as a memorial for Lightning Medicine Cloud, who, along with his mother, were found dead last week.

Updated 4:45pm on 5-04-12 - GREENVILLE - Nearly a year after its birth and 10 months following a massive naming ceremony, Native Americans and fellow community members mourn the loss of Lightning Medicine Cloud.