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Buildings were destroyed in a massive fire during the Tulsa Race Massacre when a white mob attacked the Greenwood neighborhood, a prosperous Black community in Tulsa, Okla., in 1921.
Library of Congress

For almost a century, one of the worst episodes of racial violence in U.S. history was either absent from or underpresent in historical texts. In Tulsa in 1921, hundreds were killed when white rioters destroyed the city’s Greenwood neighborhood in a racially motivated attack. Today, people are learning about the Tulsa Race Massacre, and about the neighborhood known as Black Wall Street, where African-Americans built a thriving local community and economy before the disaster.

The Marvin Nichols Reservoir, if built, would flood a large section of the Sulphur River valley.
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Today's broadcast of North By Northeast focuses on the Marvin Nichols Reservoir proposal, which would place a massive reservoir along the Sulphur River, mostly in Red River and Titus counties. Our guest this morning is Janice Bezanson of the Texas Conservation Alliance.

The Hunt County Appraisal District is having to keep up with suburban growth in the southwestern part of the county.
Mark Haslett

What exactly is an appraisal district and what does it do? Brent South of the Hunt County Appraisal District answers these questions and more. South and North By Northeast regular guest Howdy Lisenbee, Commerce city manager, join us for this program.

The City of Commerce has maintained fiscal stability in recent years.

Stephanie Muller, Commerce City Council Place 3, and city manager Howdy Lisenbee discuss how the average tax dollar in Commerce is spent. About 28 cents out of every dollar goes to the police and fire departments, Lisenbee said.

The square in downtown Commerce features retail outlets as well as restaurants and professional services.
Mark Haslett

Tony Henry, Commerce Place 1 City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem, joins us on North By Northeast this week, along with Commerce City Manager Howdy Lisenbee. We discuss some good, albeit counterintuitive, news about the city’s sales tax revenue during the pandemic. We also talk about the sources of municipal revenue, how sales tax fits in, and how Commerce doesn’t depend on sales tax as much as some cities.

You can follow along with the conversation by reviewing the April 2021 and May 2021 municipal tax revenue numbers.

Downtown Commerce has been on a gradual upswing in recent years.

Commerce City Council Place 2 representative Beckey Thompson and Commerce city manager Howdy Lisenbee join us for this week's North By Northeast chat, during which we review recent downtown business development and discuss details about serving on local boards and commissions.  

Jasmine Baker, at left, has been covering the WNBA and the Wings since graduating from A&M-Commerce.
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In case you missed it, Nike, the WNBA and the Dallas Wings recently teamed up to made a pretty big mistake with a new alternate jersey. One of the first people to notice was Jasmine Baker, a DFW-area sports journalist who’s also a Texas A&M University-Commerce alumna. In this week’s North By Northeast, Baker is with us to discuss two topics – the story of the ill-fated jersey, and the intersection of social media and sports journalism.

Penny and Smooth keep the conversation flowing on The Dae Late Show.

Podcast hosts O.G. Penny and E. Toosmooth of The Dae Late Show join us for today’s North By Northeast conversation. The Dae Late Show is a podcast that focuses mostly on issues relevant to young adults. We’ll hear an excerpt from the most recent episode, and hear from Smooth and Penny about how the program got started, and where they hope to take it next.

Tree branches are a common sight on Commerce sidewalks in the spring. Solid waste disposal trucks will not pick up large branches.

Will the city pick up dead tree branches? What happens when property owners refuse to cut their weeds or clean up trash? We answer this questions and more in this week's North By Northeast, as Commerce City Manager Howdy Lisenbee helps take the guesswork out of local regulations affecting property owners and renters.

The new facilities will be built at 8750 North Central Expressway
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Texas A&M University-Commerce President Dr. Mark Rudin discusses the university’s plans for a new site in Dallas at 8750 North Central Expressway, immediately north of Loop 12, during today’s North By Northeast.

Keturi DeLong is Vice President of Philanthropy and Engagement at Texas A&M University-Commerce.

There's more to chairtable giving to what you might think. In this week's North By Northeast, Texas A&M University-Commerce Vice President of Philanthropy and Engagement Keturi DeLong describes the insider's perspective on philanthropy. We discuss the ethics of donor-centered fundraising, the relationship between human behavior, and an old lesson we learned as kids: It really is better to give than to receive.

Commerce police will be enforcing parking rules near the university campus more strictly in the coming weeks.
Texas A&M University-Commerce

Commerce Director of Public Safety Chris Bassham and City Manager Howdy Lisenbee talk city government: COVID vaccine distribution logistics, tips for severe storm season, water distribution during emergencies, and some changes to be aware of regarding parking near the Texas A&M University-Commerce campus.

Sarah Northam, foreground, and Adam Northam stopped by KETR's studios to talk about what's happening at the university library.

The Velma K. Waters Library on the campus of  Texas A&M University-Commerce has remained open throughout the pandemic - though with some changes. The university's library provides resources and services for members of the general public as well as students, faculty and staff.

Lake Tawakoni is a reliable source for Commerce's water, but the pipeline between the lake and the city will be due for an upgrade in the coming years.
Texas A&M University-Commerce

The State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT) provides low-interest loans and grants for communities to improve water infrastructure. But in order for a municipality to be eligible for such funds, that city must participate in the Texas Water Development Board’s planning process.

The winter storms that covered most of Texas in snow and ice also interrupted electrical and water service across the state.
Mark Haslett / KETR

Commerce City Manager Howdy Lisenbee appeared on KETR's North By Northeast on Tue. Feb. 23, the day after water service was restored following the historic winter storms of the previous week.

Commerce City Manager Howdy Lisenbee discusses the city's plans for improving local streets.

In Commerce, the condition of the city's streets presents one of the biggest challenges to local government. City Manager Howdy Lisenbee describes the timeline for upcoming improvements. The good news: Some long-needed repairs and upgrades are on the way. The less-good news: It probably won't happen for about a year.

Commerce streets were weighed in the balance and found wanting, according to a 2020 survey.
Mark Haslett / KETR

In the first of two conversations about City of Commerce roads on KETR's North By Northeast series, city manager Howdy Lisenbee discusses a 2020 street assessment, the criteria used in deciding which streets will get repaired first, and the options cities have for servicing rough roads.

Lisenbee is scheduled to return to the program on Feb. 2 to discuss what specific actions the city plans to take this year regarding road repair.

Howdy Lisenbee began working for the City of Commerce on Nov. 2.
City of Commerce

KETR's North By Northeast conversation series returns in 2021 with a focus on the City of Commerce. New Commerce City Manager Howdy Lisenbee introduces himself to listeners around the region. In today's get-acquainted chat: His first name (it's not a nickname), a little about the public trust, the latest on City Hall re-opening (by appointment starting Jan. 19) and those controversial traffic circles (not in current plans for State Hwy. 24).

John Kanelis
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Maybe spending a sunny November morning listening to a couple of geezers talking about journalism and politics isn't the ultimate public radio experience, but if nothing else, it's very public radio.

Rebecca Jowers, left, and Stephanie Dillon of the Pioema Foundation work to further the organizations mission of helping victims, increasing awareness, and fighting the scourge of human trafficking.
Mark Haslett

Texas ranks second in the nation in reported cases of human trafficking. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area alone, this criminal industry is estimated to generate almost a hundred million dollars annually through the sale of forced labor. Many of the victims are minors forced into sexual service.

North by Northeast host Mark Haslett visits with Dr. Andrew Baker and Dr. Mylynka Kilgore Cardona of the Texas A&M University-Commerce History Department.
Jerrod Knight

Texas A&M University-Commerce history professors Andrew Baker and Mylynka Kilgore Cardona discuss the Public History Project, recent partnerships between A&M-Commerce and area organizations, the East Texas War and Memory Project, and more. 

Live radio in progress: North by Northeast from KETR discusses Latinx issues on the TAMUC campus.
Jerrod Knight

Texas A&M University-Commerce is trying to become a Hispanic Serving Institution, a federal statistical category for institutions of higher learning. We talk about what it means, why it matters to A&M-Commerce, and the university's progress toward the goal. 

Guests include Dr. Fred Fuentes and Gina Segura from the enrollment office, and undergraduates Naeyli Fuentes (no relation) and Brayan Dicante.

The "Reimagine Commerce" plan includes changes for the city's downtown.

This is North by Northeast, conversations that matter to Northeast Texas. On today's episode we discuss Reimagine Commerce. It’s an ambitious proposal designed to make Commerce a better place to live and work. Much of the plan involves a redesign of some of the town’s thoroughfares and that part has inspired some opposition as well as support.

The term "riparian" refers to the areas near rivers and streams.
Texas Water Resources Institute

There's something special about the plants and animals that are found alongside naturally occurring bodies of water.

The East Texas War and Memory Project documents the lives of veterans and their loved ones.
Texas A&M University-Commerce

In this edition of North by Northeast, KETR's Mark Haslett speaks with Andrew Baker, a professor at Texas A&M University-Commerce about the East Texas War and Memory Project, which documents the personal stories of veterans from our military and their loved ones. 

Running back Richard Cooper and the Lions begin the 2016 season against U. of Faith.

There’s all kinds of good news today at Texas A&M University-Commerce. 

Antipsychotic medications are often used to treat symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

One month ago on this program, we looked at the problem of widespread use of antipsychotic medications in Texas nursing homes. Texas currently leads the nation in the percentage of nursing home residents who’ve been prescribed antipsychotics. 

It's still possible that a Tipitina's "Music Office Co-op" could exist at the old A.L. Day school building.
Mark Haslett

There seems to be reason for cautious optimism about the Tipitina’s project in Commerce.

The Lions and Mustangs have dominated the Lone Star Conference in recent years.

Today we continue our 2016 season preview of Texas A&M University-Commerce football. Our guest is KETR’s Lions color commentator Brock Callaway. 

Running back Richard Cooper will be back for his senior season.
Daniel Kambel

The hottest week of the summer so far might not have too many people thinking about football. But, football season is closer than you might think.