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Sarah Latham, Rains County Agrilife Extension Agent, discusses a recent chart produced by the Texas Medical Association, and shared on the Rains County Agrilife Facebook page, that shows the relative probability of catching the coronavirus from various activities.  Sarah also comments on a perennial summer problem in Texas, avoiding ticks.

Plano-based psychiatrist Sejal Mehta says a few pointed questions in the exam room could actually be the difference between life and death for suicidal patients.
Issam Hammoudi / Unsplash

Are you thinking about committing suicide?

Dr. Sejal Mehta, a Plano-based psychiatrist, says that sometimes a direct question like this is best when talking to patients who might be having dangerous thoughts.

"It’s OK to ask questions point blank about suicide," says Dr. Mehta." And that’s what the medical community needs to be comfortable with."