Sulphur Springs Main Street reception makes history

May 18, 2012

SULPHUR SPRINGS - As the bride and groom were introduced at their outdoor reception under the twinkling stars and a canopy of lights, the smiles on their faces told the whole story.

Recently, the City of Sulphur Springs closed down the newly remodeled block of Main Street for a wedding reception, making Hopkins County history.

Brad and Holly Massey proposed this idea to Sulphur Springs City Manager Marc Maxwell. To their benefit, everyone involved was very receptive to the Main Street Reception prospect. Their daughter Meredith had always dreamed of having an elegant old-fashioned street dance reception. In her marriage to Jim Daniels on Saturday, April 21, the fantasy came true.

As the clouds parted on Friday, “I said, ‘OK God, it is all up to you’,” said Holly Massey on the weather, “We got to have the street [without the tents]. The lights made it – it was perfect. It couldn’t have been better.”

Circular tables adorned with white tulips accented with yellow and blue linens and burlap lined the east end of the newly remodeled Main Street while upholstered furniture outlined the dance “floor” to welcome guests to the unique reception.

Total venue costs to reserve Main Street, a mere dropping a Ben Franklin (or $100), according to Maxwell for the time being, with two exceptions – a confirmed guest lists of 300 people and catering by one of the two downtown restaurants.

“All the city did was provide the general cleanup…it was pretty easy,” said Maxwell. “It had a very positive effect, bringing people downtown and working out well for everybody.”

Well, the timing was almost perfect, noted Maxwell with a smile, as the Magnolia trees spanning the street were just about to bloom. It was an event liked he had hoped from the very inception of the Sulphur Springs downtown upgrades. The event was not only special for those invited, it promoted business to other downtown establishments.

After a meal catered by LouViney’s Restaurant & Pub, also located on Main Street, guests danced the evening away before sending their best wishes to the happy couple.

Brad and Holly Massey are the owners of Everything Unique located in downtown Sulphur Springs.

“We wanted to keep everything local not just for the people that live here but for the businesses, as well,” said Massey. “Jim and Meredith were the perfect ones.”

“It is in the city and citizens’ best interest for downtown to be healthy and vibrant,” added Maxwell. He already has other similar events scheduled. “We couldn’t have asked for a better night. It was perfect – a huge success.”

Observing the traditions – something borrowed, something blue, something old and now something new has been created not only by this couple’s nuptials but by their adventurous style with the Main Street Reception.

You can view a link to the wedding slideshow here.