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KETR's Member Challenge Grant Drive is the best time to become a new member or renew your support

Support Your Station during the Member Challlenge Grant Drive April 1-7!

88.9 KETR's Member Challenge Grant Pledge Drive is on April 1-7. If you've never supported 88.9 KETR with a contribution, this drive is the best time to become a new member of 88.9 KETR. Here's why:

Listener support is the lifeblood of 88.9 KETR, and contributions from listeners make up the most important portion of 88.9 KETR's annual operating budget. It's the generosity of 88.9 KETR's listeners that makes all of the news, information, music, weather, sports, and more available for all of Northeast Texas to hear and enjoy. The quality programming and content you depend on from 88.9 KETR, NPR, and by other local, statewide, and national producers cost this station a great deal. And the costs continue to increase each year.

For this drive only, current members of 88.9 KETR are contributing to the Member Challenge Grant Fund. These funds will match your new member gift to KETR dollar-for-dollar, DOUBLING the impact and value of your gift. This means that a gift of $60 can become $120 to go towards providing top-notch programming, $120 can mean $240, $250 can become $500, and so on!

In order to achieve the goal of financial sustainability that will ensure 88.9 KETR continues to thrive in Northeast Texas for generations to come, it is imperative to expand 88.9 KETR's circle of supporters. We're looking for 100 listeners to join as new members of 88.9 KETR during this drive. Not only will your new membership gift contribute to this goal, the doubled value of your gift through the Member Challenge Grant Fund will boost KETR's fundraising success in this drive even more.

Please become a new member of 88.9 KETR with your first-time contribution. Your support is vital in order to continue providing the best in public radio to Northeast Texas.

If you are a current or past member of 88.9 KETR and would like to give in support of this special fundraising drive, your support will go twice as far! 

As an 88.9 KETR member, you can renew your membership or give an additional gift that will go into the Members Challenge Grant Fund to match first-time gifts during this drive! As always, your support helps to produce, air, and sustain high-quality public radio programming for our Northeast Texas community. 

Remember to tune to 88.9 and visit our Facebook and Twitter pages during April 1-7 to keep up with 88.9 KETR's progress during the Member Challenge Grant Drive, and help spread the word using the hashtag #KETRGive17!