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Search Resumes For Missing Northeast Texas Woman

Dogs trained to detect human remains have resumed searches near the former home of a woman missing since 1991, a law enforcement official said Monday. 


Saturday marked the third day of searches that began in January for Carey Mae Parker, a young woman who lived in southern Hunt County. 

All three day-long searches have focused on the Waco Bay Estate, a subdivision near Lake Tawakoni where Parker was living in early 1991. 

The latest search was first reported by the Herald Banner of Greenville, TX. 


A missing person poster offers a cash reward for information about Carey Mae Parker's whereabouts.
Credit Brandy Hathcock
A missing person poster offers a cash reward for information about Carey Mae Parker's whereabouts.

In a phone interview, Sgt. Jeff Haines of the Hunt Co. Sheriff's Office confirmed that report and said dogs were double-checking spots in Waco Bay. 

"What we're doing is dotting our i's and crossing our t's," Haines said.

Haines said part of the motivation for Saturday's effort was to make sure investigators didn't overlook anything due to cold weather in January. 

"It was supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny on Saturday," he said.

"That didn't happen but the temperature was still warmer." 

The initial searches, which covered about 100 acres, coincided with a fast-moving cold front and unusually strong winds -- poor conditions for detecting scents. 

Haines declined to elaborate on the results of the latest effort but said it occurred within the same 100-acre area that included Parker's former residence. 

One of Parker's three children explained that the dog team in Saturday's search was re-examining areas of interest identified during the two days in January. 

"The dogs made several hits during the last search and they brought them back to be thorough," Brandy Hathcock wrote on Facebook. 

Buried Update: Waco Bay Estate Search

In January's searches, the sheriff’s office was working with volunteers from Community United Effort -- CUE, a group based in North Carolina that assists law enforcement in investigating missing person cases.

Parker had three young children when she vanished in early 1991. Two of them were staying with her father in Waco Bay at the time. 


In summer 2018, KETR released a three-part series of episodes of an investigative series focusing on the Waco Bay development. 

It explored claims by Parker’s late father Howard to have killed and buried at least one person in an unfinished well under a shed. 

Investigators focused on that property and three others in January. They returned to two properties that were part of that search on Saturday. 

George Hale is a radio reporter for KETR and the host of its investigative podcast Buried.
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