Alice Thinks 'Norm Of The North' Is Cute

Jan 15, 2016

This week on Movie Picks, Alice reviews Norm of the North, Ride Along 2, and Anomalisa.

Credit Lionsgate

Norm of the North:

This stars Rob Schneider as Norm, a talking and dancing polar bear who journey to New York to try and save his home. Alice thought the message might be over the heads of the target audience, but it's a cute bear that dances.

Ride Along 2:

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are back as Detective James Payton and newly-graduated Police Officer Ben Barber. This time they're joined by Ken Jeong as a computer hacker named A.J. Alice thinks this movie is definitely good for a few laughs.


This animated movie is not for children. This film from Charlie Kaufman was recently nominated for an Oscar, and it follows a man who is perpetually bored until he finds someone who could change that. Alice thinks it was bleak, but also bold and provocative.

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