Lightning Medicine Cloud's death still a mystery

May 28, 2012

GREENVILLE - It’s been nearly a month since the slaying of a white buffalo and his mother sparked national attention and an outpouring of support for a Hunt County ranch.

The investigation into the death of Lightning Medicine Cloud and his mother, Buffalo Woman, continues, but Sheriff Randy Meeks says the nature of the deaths has still not been revealed.

Also pending is the arrival of another white buffalo named Chief Hiawatha from a ranch in Oregon. Cynthia Hart-Button has a record 14 white bison. She is the president and founder of the Sacred World Peace Church and Alliance. Hart-Button hopes the buffalo will serve as protection for the ranch and also help produce another white calf. 

According to her website, an agreement has been  reached with Lakota Ranch owner Arby Little Soldier that the donation of Chief Hiawatha be temporarily put on hold until the investigation of  Lightening Medicine Cloud and Buffalo Woman is complete.