Pink Parade Planned For Greenville Next Week

Oct 4, 2019

A long line of pink clad walkers plan to march in Greenville next week.

The 13th Annual Pink Parade is being organized by Carevide (formerly the Community Health Service Agency) to celebrate October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The parade is scheduled to begin Monday at 5:30 p.m. at the Carevide Women’s Center located at 4311 Wesley Street. They will then proceed north on Wesley until Washington Street, where they will turn left and then continue west on Washington to Johnson Street where they will make way to the Hunt County Courthouse.

In the past, the parade concluded with the release of pink and white balloons. Pink in honor of those who’ve won their fight against breast cancer, and white in honor of those who lost the battle.

Last year’s parade was concluded with the release of a sea of bubbles into the air.

The parade typically draws about 50 people, many carrying self-made signs encouraging efforts to fight breast cancer, to participate.

Carevide wants to emphasize that the parade is not a fund-raiser of any kind, but rather a walk to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Carevide request that those who intend to participate arrive wearing either pink or white.

Those wanting more information can call 903-455-5958 extension 167 or visit their Facebook page.