Rodeo goes on after founder dies

Jul 23, 2013

Fannin County is the home of a well-known 58-year-old rodeo that brings thousands to the arena every year, but this year they will mourn the loss of their founder.

Three nights a year, thousands from across the region join up at Kueckelhan Ranch in Bonham for the longest running, family-0wned rodeo in history. But this year, friends, family and fans will mourn the loss of the Rodeo founder, Haynes Kueckelhan.

According to North Texas E-News, Kueckelhan passed away July 19 in Plano from lingering effects of a fall he suffered a few weeks earlier.

His wife, Malda tells The Paris News, "That rodeo was his life, his undertaking. This weekend is what he looked forward to every year."

The Kueckelhan Ranch Rodeo will be held this weekend with many performers, musicians and fun for all.

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