Smoke testing scheduled for Commerce sewer lines

Jan 30, 2012

COMMERCE - The City of Commerce is advising residents in the Norris Community that smoke testing of sewer lines will take place on Tuesday during regular business hours. Testing is expected to last approximately two weeks.

Smoke testing allows city crews to check for problems within sewer piping lines. According to the city, the test involves large amounts of smoke, but is not harmful to living things.

The smoke will be noticeable wherever there is a leak in a sanitary sewer pipe, such as a crack in a sewer pipe, a cross connection between a storm sewer and a sanitary sewer, where a roof drain is connected to the sanitary sewer, from a broken cleanout cap, or from a defective or damaged manhole.

If residents observe smoke in their homes, they are urged to contact a plumber to find the source. If traces of smoke or its odor are detected in your building or home, it is an indication that gases from the sewer system could also be entering. Sewer gases can be dangerous, and some of these gases have no odor or color, and can enter a building undetected. If you observe smoke in your home during testing, the city urges you to contact your plumber to have them try to locate the source of the leak that you have witnessed and take appropriate corrective measures. Location, identification and correction of the source of smoke that enters your home should be quickly addressed.

Residents could see city personnel in hard hats and reflective vests on or around their property, checking for leaks in the city’s sewer system. If you have questions or concerns, contact Joe Davis, Utility Foreman, at 903-366- 8052.