Support high-quality public radio for our community during KETR's Summer Drive

Jun 19, 2017

88.9 KETR’s Summer Fundraising Drive is taking place now - July 1st!

Because of listener support, 88.9 KETR-FM has been able to broadcast a wide range of public radio content that informs, entertains, and educates you and our entire community. This station has existed and thrived throughout its 40 years-and-counting history because of the supporters who understand the importance of having access to public radio programming. This simple reason is why every piece of news, every feature story, every local program, and every severe weather coverage event has been available for Northeast Texans.

Only on 88.9 KETR can you:

  • Hear award-winning regional news with coverage specifically for our Northeast Texas region.
  • Find unbiased, relevant, and informative state, national, and global news coverage from NPR, APM, BBC, and 88.9 KETR’s statewide news partnerships.
  • Experience unique local programs that curate the culture of our region, such as 88.9 KETR’s Texas music program Notably Texan, live-hosted each weekday by Matt Meinke.
  • Have a few laughs when you tune into programs such as Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! and A Prairie Home Companion.
  • Stay informed with comprehensive, wall-to-wall severe weather coverage for our region as warranted.

These are just a taste of what 88.9 KETR provides you each day. Members understand that while public radio may sound free – and that anyone can listen for free – it isn’t. In fact, the quality radio that you depend on from 88.9 KETR costs this station a great deal. And the costs continue to increase each year.

We know that you listen to 88.9 KETR for the relevant, educational, and inspiring public radio programming. And we also know how important listener support is to fund the variety of programs you love on 88.9 KETR.

We’ve set a goal of raising $7,500 during this summer campaign. When this goal is met, we can end this on-air fundraiser early! This means we can bring you even more of the news, information, and entertainment you love.

For example: together, we can reach this goal if:

125 loyal listeners pitch in $60 each or

63 dedicated public radio fans donate $120 each or

30 concerned community citizens contribute $250 each or

15 leaders and visionaries invest $500 each

The math is easy. The giving – even easier! Be that loyal listener, that dedicated fan, that concerned citizen, that leader or visionary today! Every gift makes a difference, no matter the amount.

Join the community of members who make the programming on 88.9 KETR possible. This station is what it is because of listener support, people just like you giving much-needed support in order to keep this great radio station on the air and striving for excellence in quality public radio content.

88.9 KETR is radio for you. 88.9 KETR is Your Station! Your membership gift right now helps ensure that the very best in non-commercial, public broadcasting continues in Northeast Texas. We thank you in advance for your help in keeping 88.9 KETR a strong and reliable service for our community, and for helping us meet our critical $7,500 Summer Fundraising Drive goal.

Donate to 88.9 KETR now!

- Jerrod Knight, 88.9 KETR General Manager and Proud Member

P.S. — 88.9 KETR remains committed to bringing you the news, stories, music, sports, and weather coverage that matters to you. With your support, we’ll continue to bring you enlightening content every day. Our goal is to surpass your expectations with a unique mix of programming that you won’t find anywhere else. Please give now so that 88.9 KETR will be able to continue to bring you the public radio that you love. Thank you for your support!