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Long-time certified financial planner Jim Ainsworth considers a recent article that says the majority of college students are not well versed in personal finance.  The article says, for example, only 43 percent of college students know the difference in a credit card and a debit card.

Long-time Certified Financial Planner Jim Ainsworth reflects on a recent article that says, not only are allowances still a good idea for children, they may also be an effective way for their parents to manage their money.  And Jim adds his observations to a story about an index card that contains all the personal financial advice you'

Long-time certified financial planner Jim Ainsworth agrees with states that require high-school students to take at least one class in personal finance.  A recent survey reports that U.S. teenagers were in the lower half of the 18 countries in the study on financial knowledge, behind Russia and China.

Long-time certified financial planner Jim Ainsworth discusses a recent article on "the five most common personal finance mistakes" that people make, everything from not having clear goals to paying retail without taking advantage of many options.  Jim says the relatively low personal savings rate is costly to the economy.