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Hopkins County Memorial Hospital partners with CHRISTUS Health

On Friday Hopkins County Memorial Hospital Board of Directors returned from executive session of a special called meeting to announce the proposed partnership with CHRISTUS Health in the management and operation of the hospital.

“We believe in establishing relationships along with our partnerships in our communities,” said CHRISTUS Health CEO Ernie Sadua to the full board room of guests. “The key is the commitment to our vision statement continuing the mission of healing the people of Hopkins County and expanding the reach of high quality, compassionate health care already provided here.”

CHRISTUS Heath is an international Catholic faith-based non-profit health system. The Texas-native organization is 150 years old committed to growth in Texas, Lousiana and New Mexico as well as Mexico and Chile.

“We have 35,000 associates (their term for employees) of which 10,000 internationally,” added CEO Sadau. “We are looking for ways to strengthen its health care presence in East Texas.” They have partnerships in Atlanta, Beaumont, Texarkana and Jasper, which was a major deciding factor in this decision.

Many details will still need to be worked out in the coming days as it is anticipated CHRISTUS Health will own at least 51 percent and will manage Memorial Hospital and Clinic and the County hospital district will maintain around 49 percent ownership.

HCMH Board members present were President Tim Kelty, Dr. Suzanne Thomas Bankston, Dr. David Black, Dr. Bill Dietze, Dr. Daniel Roper, Ralph Preuss with Joe Bob Burgin absent.

Following the announcement HCMH Board President Tim Kelty gave a brief historical recount of the facility. 

“Memorial Hospital has been serving the County since 1949 from its location on North Davis (now where the library is located),” said HCMH Board President Tim Kelty with great emotion. The hospital has been providing medical care to the 30,000 residents who live within the 800 square miles of Hopkins and surrounding counties.

He emphasized this partnership won’t change taxes. This partnership will maintain a local presence for the community, and the Hospital District will have a voice.

Board President Kelty answered some inquiries.

“The Hospital volunteers and Healthcare Foundation are the unsung heroes,” Kelty said. It was agreed by both parties “they will keep on keeping on.” The Board credited Michael McAndrew, CEO of Hopkins County Hospital District with the research and assistance in making this partnership happen.

Kelty noted the success of the HCMH from the report of their auditor, who also services 500 other hospitals. He happily stated Memorial Hospital is “right at the top of the top 10 percent.”

Memorial Hospital and Clinic employ over 700 employees and has over 40 physicians.

For more information on Memorial Hospital visit http://www.hcmh.com/ and for CHRISTUS Health go to http://www.christushealth.org/.